Graduation Ceremonies


Well done Class of 2021!

UCL Engineering Virtual Graduations 2021

Congratulations to our graduating students from UCL Engineering! You are invited to join us the week commencing 11 October 2021, for a special virtual ceremony with your cohort, celebrating your academic achievements at UCL.

We hope you're excited about UCL Engineering's 2021 virtual graduation ceremonies! This page is intended to help you celebrate your achievements with us, plus discover more about your Faculty's work and success this past year.

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Get ready for your ceremony 

Programme of events

Monday 11 October


Biochemical Engineering, Medical Physics and Biomedical Engineering and STEaPP (UG & PG)

Tuesday 12 October


Mechanical Engineering (UG & PG)

Tuesday 12 October


Computer Science (UG & PG)

Wednesday 13 October


School of Management (UG & PG)

Thursday 14 October


Chemical Engineering, Security and Crime Science and CoMPLEX (UG & PG)

Thursday 14 October


Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering (UG & PG)

Friday 15 October


Electrical and Electronic Engineering (UG & PG) 

Staff and student farewell messages

Listen to farewell messages from your tutors and departmental staff, plus record a message of your own, via UCL Engineering's Flipgrid page. To log in, select the 'Join with Microsoft' option, then enter your UCL credentials. 

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Welcome to UCL's Alumni community 

Be part of the community on UCL Bentham Connect

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  • Join UCL Bentham Connect, an exclusive personal and professional networking platform for all alumni, students and staff in our community.
  • Find out more from our Graduate Guides: 
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Life after UCL

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  • During this talk, recorded at the end of March 2021, UCL MAPS and UCL Engineering joined UCL Careers and Alumni Relations to discuss the benefits and services available to UCL graduates: careers support; access to mentors, and much more.
  • Hear from MAPS and Engineering alumni who reflect on their career journeys, share their valuable insights, and give out top tips to help you get ahead.  
Advice for the Class of 2021

Lincoln Lee, UCL Biosciences 2019

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Petra Barran, UCL MSc Urban Studies 2015

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Dr Marcus Ranney, UCL Medicine 2008

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Chantal Rickards, UCL French 1980

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Stay in touch with UCL Engineering Careers


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  • Listen to a special congratulations message from Hannah (UCL Engineering Careers).
  • New UCL Engineering Faculty undergraduate and postgraduate taught graduates can access support from the UCL Engineering Careers team and central UCL Careers team for up to three years after graduation.
  • New postgraduate research graduates can also benefit from central UCL Careers support for three years after graduating.
  • To receive undergraduate and postgraduate taught-related careers news, email careers.engineering@ucl.ac.uk to sign up to the UCL Engineering Careers mailing list. 

Podcasts: UCL Careers and Future Talk

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How UCL Engineering changes the world

Watch: INWED 2021, Spring into STEM virtual lectures and UCL Engineering alumni videos

UCL Engineering celebrates INWED 2021

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UCL Engineering alumni videos


Dr Larissa Suzuki, PhD Computer Science 2015

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Dina Holzapfel, BEng Environmental Engineering, 2011

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  • Dina discusses the influence UCL has had on her career and life after graduating from UCL Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering a decade ago.  

Podcast: UCL Coronavirus: The Whole Story

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  • Listen to all 54 episodes of UCL's flagship COVID-19 podcast, nine of which - highlighted below - feature UCL Engineering researchers, academics and alumni.  
  • Visit the Coronavirus: The Whole Story website to find out more.
Episode 1: What happens to you in intensive care? 
Episode 7: How close are we to finding a cure? 
Episode 10: What does a physically distant COVID world look like?
Episode 16: When will we have a vaccine? 
Episode 18: Can AI save us? 
Episode 19: Is it time to go back to the office? 
Episode 22: Could COVID be the great equaliser? 
Episode 27: How can we all help schools and school children during the pandemic?
Episode 32: Is the vaccine the beginning of the end?