Graduation Ceremonies


Frequently asked graduation questions

Everything you need to know to prepare for and attend your 2024 graduation ceremony.

We are looking ahead to our 2024 ceremonies planning and are excited to celebrate our newest graduate's achievements this year!

We also encourage those who will be attending the ceremonies this year to thoroughly read through the Graduation Checklist as this will answer many of the questions you may have about your ceremony. 

If you have any questions about the ceremonies that are not answered in the FAQs or Graduation Checklist, please contact ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk.

About the 2024 ceremonies 

When are the 2024 events?

In 2024, UCL will have three graduation periods, in May, July and September.

Please find the full list of ceremonies for 2024 on the Graduation Schedule. Those who registered their interest for graduation via Portico have now been notified via email of their designated ceremony dates and times. 

What do I need to do to attend the ceremony?

The Registration of interest for graduations in 2024 has now closed. 

All students who have confirmed they wish to attend a ceremony will receive a link to our Graduation Portal where you will be able to confirm your place, book your gown and order guest tickets.

Gradution portal opening:

September Graduations: The portal is now open until Thursday 25 July and anyone who has registered interest in attending a September graduation has now been emailed with information to register and confirm their attendance on the graduation portal. Please note that only those with conferred awards have been contacted to regsiter. If your award has not yet been confirmed, you are not yet eligible to attend a graduation. Our team will add as many late awardees as we are able to, however, if your award is not confirmed by the deadline stated in the eligibility criteria below, you will be invited to a later ceremony once your award has been confirmed. 

Do I have to attend the 2024 ceremonies in order to graduate?

We would be delighted to welcome as many of our students to celebrate your achievements with us, as possible! However, attendance at graduations is optional. Your degree will be valid, and degree certificates and final transcripts are dispatched within five months of your award being conferred, regardless of whether you attend.   

If you’ve lost your degree certificate or never received it, you can contact Student Records to get a new one. Please see their webpage for more information. 

When will I find out my ceremony date and time?

Those who registered their interest for graduation via Portico have now been notified via email of their designated ceremony dates and times.  

About the 2025 ceremonies 

When are the 2025 events?

At this time, we don't have confirmed dates or periods for 2025 graduations. Our team is diligently working to secure these dates, and we will reach out to eligible graduates in early 2025. As soon as information becomes available, it will be posted on our FAQ page and communicated directly to students.

Please ensure your email address is current in your Portico account, as all graduation-related communications will be sent there.


Who is eligible to attend their graduation ceremony in 2024?


For awards conferred* from 

For awards conferred* by

Undergraduate students 

02 August 2023

01 August 2024 (this is the date you are awarded, you are invited as soon as your award is conferred which may be earlier)

Taught Graduate and PGCE students 

02 April 2023

01 January 2024 

Research Graduate students (PhD) 

06 May 2023

01 March 2024 

 *Conferral is the date on which a UCL degree is confirmed as being completed and awarded to the student. If your award is conferred after these dates, you will be invited to a later ceremony. 

For students who go into late summer assesment or reassesment, please see additional details about eligibility below.

Outstanding Debt

Please make sure you have no outstanding debt on your account, as only those with no outstanding fees will be invited to register for graduation. Please contact fees@ucl.ac.uk  to arrange payment. 

Late Summer Assessment

Any students that need to complete late summer assessments will not be eligible to attend the planned ceremony with their cohort.  

Please make sure your email address is up to date in Portico to receive information about attending a ceremony at a later graduation period. 

Postgraduates with Reassessment

Postgraduate students with reassessments will not be able to attend a graduation in May, if that was their designated graduation period, but if your award is conferred before 30th March you will be given the option to attend the September set of graduations. 

We are able to share this additional eligibility criteria below:


Elgibility for May/July Ceremonies


Elgibility for September Ceremonies







Taught Graduate and PGCE Students

02 April 2023

01 January 2024

02 January 2024

01 April 2024

Undergraduate Students



02 August 2023

01 August 2024 (this is the date you are awarded, you are invited as soon as your award is conferred which may be earlier)

Booking your ceremony

How and when can I register and when do I need to register by?

You needed to have submitted your interest to attend a graduation on Portico by 5th February and this registration has now closed. 

Confirming your place at your graduation ceremony

For all those eligible students who have indicated they wanted to attend a graduation ceremony in 2024, you will receive a link to our Graduation Portal where you will be able to confirm your place, book your gown and order guest tickets. The graduation portal for those attending July has now closed. The portal for those attending September graduations will open in mid-July. You must complete this step in order to attend your ceremony and have your name read out on the day.

Please see the deadlines for the Marston portal closing below. It is essential that you book by the date stated or you may lose your ability to attend the ceremony.

Graduation periodGraduation portal deadline
May graduations - CLOSEDMonday 18th March
July graduations- CLOSEDFriday 10th May
September graduationsThursday 25th July

Preparing for the day

How do I book my gown?

It is mandatory for all graduates to wear Academic Dress to be able to cross the stage. You will be able to book your gown via the Graduation Portal once it opens for your period. 

Marston Events are our appointed supplier who will be on site at the graduation ceremonies to help graduates collect and put on the gowns. Gowns are £39 if arranged on the Graduation Portal. However, if you hire a gown on the day at the venue, this will be subject to a £10 surcharge. You can arrange a gown from elsewhere, but if you have chosen to get your gown from another supplier please contact us to make sure it complies with UCL's gown specification - ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk.

What should I wear?

All students crossing the stage must wear a gown which identifies the degree level of the award you have studied - the people at the gowning station will make sure you have the right gown and help you put it on. 

We suggest graduates wear smart or formal wear under the gown. 

How do I arrange official graduation photography?

Once registration opens, you will be able to prebook your graduation photography via the Graduation Portal. This will be available at the Royal Festival Hall for you to take photos on your own and with your loved ones, before the ceremony. 

Can I provide any information to make sure my name is read out correctly?

We know it’s important that your moment crossing the stage is as special as possible. When you register for your student ticket, we ask you to share with us how you’d like your name to be read out when you cross the stage, including phonetic spelling. An example of phonetic spelling can be found below where capitals are used to show where emphasis should be placed:

E.G. Wiktoria Lihan (Vic-tor-ree-a LEE-hahn )

What if I or any of my guests have accessibility requirements?

Our team at UCL and at the Royal Festival Hall look forward to welcoming you and your guests. Our aim is to ensure that every student and guest feels at ease and has all necessary arrangements to fully participate and enjoy the festivities.

Upon booking through the graduation portal, you'll have the opportunity to specify any accessibility requirements for yourself or your guests. Please provide as much relevant detail as possible so we can have these in place for you. Additionally, we'll be in contact closer to the graduation date to discuss how we can offer the best support to you and your guests. You can view further details about accessibility at Royal Festival Hall here

If there's any information we can provide now to help you feel more comfortable about attending, please don't hesitate to let us know how we can assist.


Can my family and friends attend?

Yes. We welcome you to invite your friends and family who have supported you throughout your studies to join us in celebrating your special achievement. Please be aware that guests and graduates are sat separately. Guest tickets are £35, and information on how to book guest tickets will be communicated once the Graduation portal opens. You can also book a private box for up to four guests. These are £249 and will be available until they are sold out. Based on the venue's capacity, tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. However, all graduates have the chance to secure guest tickets while the graduation portal is open, regardless of the time of booking. Start making your guest list now!

Can I bring children to my graduation?

When deciding whether to bring a child as your guests, we ask you to consider the formal nature of the event and that guests will be required to sit for a long period of time so this may not be particularly suitable for babies or young children. Please note that only our graduates cross the stage so children must be seated with another guest whilst you have your moment!

Children under 3 can attend for free and will need to be seated on a guests lap. If they are over 3, they will be required to have a ticket and their own seat.


What if I need a visa to attend?

Please check the UK Government guidance on whether you need a visa to travel to London.

For students graduating in 2024 - if you require a visa invitation letter from UCL, you will be able to download one on the Portico visa letter application once you have expressed your interest in attending a graduation on Portico. Obtaining a visa might take several weeks and we ask that you make sure you request a visa letter from UCL and complete all legal requirements before you travel.  

What if my family need a visa?

We can only provide invitation letters for our students and graduates. We cannot write invitations to family and friends who also want to attend. Details on how you can write your own invitation and apply for guest visas are available on the UCL visitor visa page.   

What if I need accommodation for my ceremony?

We don't directly offer accommodation. However, UCL Summer Residences are open to the general public at affordable prices from 24th June to 7th September. As a UCL student or alumni, you are eligible for a 10% discount on your booking! For more information, please visit the UCL Summer Residences page.

Financial support

Can I get help towards the cost of attending the graduation ceremony?

We understand that the cost of living crisis is impacting a number of our students. We are pleased to share that through the Students’ Union UCL Participation Fund, we can offer some financial support to students with gown hire and/or guest tickets.
You can apply for the graduation participation fund here. Please note, application opening times are dependent on your graduation period. 

Contact us

If your questions have not been answered in our FAQs or the other pages of the website, you can contact the Graduation Ceremonies Team by emailing ceremonies@ucl.ac.uk. Please remember to quote your student number (for example: 12345678) when emailing.