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Coronavirus: The Whole Story

The 'Coronavirus: The Whole Story' podcast highlights UCL's interdisciplinary expertise on COVID-19 - focusing on its management, mitigation, eventual halt, and preparing for a post-coronavirus world.

Watch this short video montage telling the 'whole story' from the lens of UCL (02:29 mins)

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Watch the podcast finale live recording on YouTube held on 21 July 2021 (1:31 hrs)

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NEW! Episode 53: What does the future look like?

Listen to the highlights of our series finale, recorded live on 21 July 2021. Hosted by UCL alumna, broadcaster and writer, Vivienne Parry OBE, our global audience put their questions to the experts.


  • Professor Dame Anne Johnson (Professor of Infectious Disease, Division of Infection & Immunity, UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences and Faculty of Population Health Sciences). Adviser to the SAGE committee.
  • Professor Deenan Pillay (Professor of Virology, Division of Infection & Immunity, UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences). Adviser to the Independent SAGE committee.
  • Professor Susan Michie (Professor of Health Psychology, Clinical, Educational & Health Psychology, Division of Psychology & Language Sciences, UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences). Adviser to the Sage and Independent SAGE committees.
  • Professor Andrew Hayward (Professor of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Inclusion Health Research, UCL Institute of Epidemiology & Health). Adviser to the Sage and Nervtag committees.

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See previous episodes below...

Episode 1: What happens to you in intensive care?

Who will require a ventilator or a breathing machine?

This week we’re exploring what happens inside intensive care. With special guests Professor Hugh Montgomery, Director of the UCL Institute for Human Health and Performance and Mervyn Singer, Professor of Intensive Care Medicine.

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Episode 2: How can we track the virus?

Do we understand the spread of the virus?

Listen to Professor Andrew Hayward, Director of the UCL Institute of Epidemiology and Health Care and Dr Eleni Nastouli, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Child Health and Clinical Lead of the Department of Clinical Virology at UCLH.

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Episode 3: What are the exit strategies?

When can we go outside? How will the lockdown end?

This week we’re discussing how, and when, the lockdown in the UK might end. With special guests Paul Ormerod, Visiting Professor at the UCL Centre for Decision Making Uncertainty and Professor David Alexander, Professor of Risk and Disaster Reduction at the UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction.

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Episode 4: Are children learning under lockdown?

What are the limits to learning in lockdown?

With schools closed and parents and carers teaching their children at home, what will the long-term impact be on their learning? Hear from experts from the Institute of Education:

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Episode 5: How is it affecting our mental health?

How do we cope and protect ourselves and our communities?

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we’re exploring the impact of coronavirus on people’s emotional wellbeing and mental health. Hear from UCL experts as they talk about how it affects us in lockdown, front line staff, bereaved families, the vulnerable, and the many factors that impact various groups.

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Episode 6: What can we learn from the history of pandemics?

What does the black death, HIV, and Covid-19 have in common?

This week we're looking into the past, teasing apart the surprising similarities and learnings from previous pandemics - HIV/ AIDS in the 1980s and the Black Death in the 14th century.

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Episode 7: How close are we to finding a cure?

In this special edition, made for the Cheltenham Science Festival at home, we’re exploring how we tackle and track the virus.

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Episode 8: How do we reimagine the future?

Future earth, future tech, future health

In this special edition, made for the Cheltenham Science Festival at Home, we’re exploring what the future will look like post-COVID-19.

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Episode 9: How has the pandemic highlighted BAME inequalities?

Ethnicity, inequality, socio-economic issues

This week we are addressing the recent report on disparities in the risks and outcomes of Covid-19 and discussing other issues of inequality during the pandemic.

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Episode 10: What does a physically distant COVID world look like?

What is lockdown doing to our bodies? What type of mask is best to wear?

This week, as lockdown continues to ease, we are talking about how to stay safe (and alert) both at home and out in the world. This episode talks all about the type of face mask to wear to enabling creativity in our own spaces.

Prof Nick Tyler (Chadwick Chair of Civil Engineering) Dr Gregory Thompson (Strategic Lead for Performance Creative & Applied Humanities) Prof Mark Miodownik (Director of the Institute of Making)

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Episode 11: Proud to Help

How did UCL staff and students support the pandemic at its peak?

Our guests talk about the challenge to respond rapidly, the brilliant teamwork they found in the hospital, and how the experience was both humbling and unforgettable.

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Episode 12: How can behavioural science help us combat the virus? 

Why should we listen to behavioural scientists?

Now that lockdown is beginning to ease, we’re joined by behavioural scientists and SAGE - and Independent SAGE - advisors, to explore the role that behavioural science plays in controlling the spread of COVID-19. 

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Episode 13: How will our children recover from lockdown? 

As the coronavirus pandemic in the UK approaches its sixth month, we’re taking a look at the long-term impact of lockdown and subsequent school closures on our nation’s children and young people.

  • Dr Amelia Roberts (Principal Teaching Fellow, UCL Institute of Education)
  • Dr Lee Hudson (Clinical Associate Professor at the GOSH UCL Institute of Child Health)
  • Shafina Vohra (UCL IOE alumna, psychology teacher and PhD student)

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Episode 14: How has the pandemic changed arts and culture?

Will we ever go back to theatres and museums in the same way?

As one of the hardest hit sectors of all, this week we're looking at how museums and theatres are re-imagining the arts. Hear from this week's guests from UCL Arts and Humanities, UCL Culture, as well as a director of programmes at Sadler's Wells Theatre - our new neighbour in UCL East.

  • Prof Stella Bruzzi (Dean, UCL Arts & Humanities)
  • Catriona Wilson (Head, UCL Petrie Museum)
  • Anneliese Graham (Programming Director, Sadler's Wells Theatre)

Access the transcript for Episode 14

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Episode 15: How do we kick-start the economy?

Are we headed towards another 'great depression'?

With the possibility of the UK entering the deepest recession in 300 years, we're exploring some of the practical ways we can help the economy bounce back. 

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Episode 16: When will we have a vaccine?

How close are scientists to producing an effective vaccine for coronavirus? How are vaccines developed?

With more than 140 candidate vaccines now tracked by the World Health Organization, we speak to three key UCL researchers with expertise in biochemical engineering, bioethics and Pharmaceutics to find out what progress has been made and how we can make sure everyone has access to a vaccine when it’s ready. Join Vivienne Parry as she explores this with UCL experts:

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Episode 17: What's happening to healthcare during the pandemic?

With many areas of healthcare threatened by the pandemic, we're exploring the impact on patients who haven't caught the virus, but who are sick with something else instead. Find out what's causing more people to die in the UK this year other than coronavirus, how cancer diagnosis and treatments are being managed, and how some neurologists are looking after patients online. Join Vivienne Parry as she speaks with:

•    Dr Amitava Banerjee (Clinical Senior Lecturer Honorary Consultant in Cardiology) 
•    Prof Georgios Lyratzopoulos (Professor of Cancer Epidemiology)
•    Prof Nick Ward (Professor of Clinical Neurology and Neurorehabilitation)
•    UCL - SameYou Covid-19 campaign for neurorehabilitation

Access the transcript for Episode 17

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Episode 18: Can AI save us?

Could AI have predicted the pandemic? How is it helping the health care system? Recent 'Test and Trace' programmes have raised growing concerns over data protection and privacy in the wake of the global pandemic. Find out how AI helping us navigate the gradual return to normal life and explore with us how the pandemic has changed how we should use AI in the future.

  • Prof Kate Jones (Chair of Ecology & Biodiversity, Division of Biosciences)
  • Dr Michael Veale (Lecturer in Digital Rights and Regulation, Laws)
  • Dr Ali Parsa (UCL Alumnus & CEO of Babylon)

    Special thanks to our Guest Editor, Prof Geraint Rees, Dean of the Faculty of Life Sciences

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Episode 19: Is it time to go back to the office?

As the UK is encouraging more people to go back to the office, we're thinking about what kind of workplace we might be returning to and how to get there safely. Hear from UCL's experts in Engineering and Architecture about how their research is helping both employers and employees start to get back to normal. 

  • Dr Lena Ciric (Senior Lecturer at the Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering)
  • Dr Kerstin Sailer (Reader in Social and Spatial Networks, The Bartlett Faculty of Built Environment)
  • Dr Simon Addyman (Associate Professor in Project Management, The Bartlett Faculty of Built Environment)

Access the transcript for Episode 19

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Episode 20: How do we safely return to university life?

As universities re-open for the start of term, we ask three key people behind the plans for a safe return to university life: What does the autumn term going to look like? What will teaching be like under social distancing guidelines? How can students make the most of being back to university?

Access the transcript for Episode 20

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Episode 21: How do we cope with isolation?

As the situation evolves rapidly and rules seem to change, we're talking about isolation - coming out of it, and going back into it, how to cope mentally and emotionally. What can astronauts teach us about dealing with isolation? How can we enable safe interaction among young people? Can digital touch help?

Join Vivienne Parry as she speaks with UCL experts:

  • Dr Kevin Fong (Consultant Anaesthetist & Anaesthetic Lead for Major Incident Planning UCLH)
  • Prof Peter Fonagy (Head of the Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Brain Sciences)
  • Prof Carey Jewitt (Professor of Learning and Technology, IoE)

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Episode 22: Could COVID be the great equaliser?

This week, we’re talking about inequality – a theme we’ve touched on before in our episodes on education, the health impacts of the virus, and how different communities have been affected. In this episode, we’re joined by an anthropologist, an engineer and a political scientist to explore inequality from a global perspective, and to see if we can find some solutions.

Join Vivienne Parry as she speaks with UCL experts:

Join the Beyond Boundaries Conference on 19-26 October

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Episode 23: What does Europe & the EU mean in a COVID world?

This week’s episode is all about Brexit - what could have been the greatest challenge the UK had faced in several decades if it didn’t have to compete with a global pandemic.

Join host Vivienne Parry as she speaks to UCL experts in law, maths and the social and historical sciences to help us understand how Brexit and coronavirus have impacted each other - and what the next few months could look like as both issues intensify towards the end of the year.

Access the transcript for Episode 23

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Episode 24: Could COVID-19 save the planet?

This week we’re exploring the role COVID-19 has played in the climate crisis. As things have changed, traffic has gone down in cities, and people are realising what clean air really feels like. But the short term gains are countered by the explosion in production of single-use plastics needed for PPE and many more. 

We speak to UCL experts from the school of Mathematical and Physical Sciences and The Bartlett, Faculty of the Built Environment, to discuss the lessons we can learn from the government's response to COVID-19 and whether the pandemic could save the planet:

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Episode 25: Could COVID-19 trump Trump?

With US election night looming, this week’s episode is all about the role that Coronavirus is playing in voter decisions in America.

In previous episodes, we’ve discussed the colossal impact that COVID-19 has had on the medical world, society and the economy. This week, we speak to experts from the UCL Institute of the Americas and the Centre on US Politics to explore the impact of the pandemic on the political landscape across the pond:

  • Dr Julie Norman, Teaching Fellow in Politics & International Relations, Department of Political Science
  • Dr Nick Witham, Associate Professor of United States History, UCL Institute of the Americas

Access the transcript for Episode 25

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Episode 26: Will a second national lockdown save the Christmas break?

This episode was recorded before the UK Government’s announcement on Saturday about a second national lockdown.

This week, we're back on home soil and attempting to answer the question everyone wants to know the answer to – Will a national lockdown save Christmas?

Infection rates are rising rapidly and there is little evidence to prove regional lockdowns have had an impact on driving cases down. We speak to UCL experts from the Institute for Global Health, The Bartlett School of Planning and the UCL Department of Geography to explore the raging row about lockdowns, the rationale behind them and whether or not a second national lockdown could have been avoided.

With special guests:
- Dame Prof Anne Johnson (Professor of Infectious Disease)
- Prof John Tomaney (Professor of Urban and Regional Planning)
- Prof James Cheshire (Professor of Geographic Information and Cartography)

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Episode 27: How can we all help schools and school children during the pandemic?

In this episode, we explore how the pandemic has affected local schools and communities.

UCL does an enormous amount of work locally to make its research accessible and to reduce inequalities in the education system. Join our host Vivienne Parry as she speaks to experts from the Faculty of Engineering Science and the Institute of Education, about why now, more than ever, supporting schools and communities is vital.

Our guests this week:
- Prof Louise Archer, Karl Mannheim Chair of Sociology of Education
- Dr Elpida Makrygianni, Engineering Education Developer and Coordinator
- Tiwa Jayeola, recent graduate of MSc in Civil Geomatic and Environmental Engineering and tutor in UCL's engineering tutoring programmes

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Episode 28: How is the pandemic affecting women?

This week’s episode is the first in a two-part special about how Coronavirus is affecting women. We're joined by Dr Daisy Fancourt to hear more about the findings of her study exploring the differing impacts of Covid on the UK population over the past 33 weeks - from exacerbated social inequalities to the psychological implications of lockdown, including loneliness, isolation, domestic abuse, and fertility and family planning issues - as well as behaviours that can help improve mental health. We're also joined by Dr Tamjid Mujtaba to discuss her work exploring how ethnic minority women in higher education are coping during the pandemic.

Next week we’ll be focusing on a particularly vulnerable group of women, women who are pregnant and new mothers.

Our guests this week:

- Dr Daisy Fancourt, Associate Professor Behavioural Science and Health, Institute of Epidemiology & Health
- Dr Tamjid Mujtaba, Principal Research Fellow, IOE - Curriculum, Pedagogy & Assessment

Access the transcript for Episode 28

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Episode 29: How is the pandemic affecting pregnancies & new parents?

This week’s episode is the second in a two-part special about how Coronavirus is affecting women. Last week we heard from two researchers whose recent findings demonstrate the wide-reaching impacts of coronavirus on women, especially ethnic minority women. This week, we speak to three researchers who have spent lockdown investigating how coronavirus has affected fertility, pregnancy and parenting.

Join our host, Vivienne Parry OBE, as she speaks with our UCL experts:

- Dr Zeynep Gurtin, Lecturer in Women’s Health at the Institute for Women’s Health
- Dr Jenny Hall, Clinical Associate Professor and NIHR Advanced fellow at the UCL Institute for Women’s Health
- Prof Mary Fewtrell, Professor of Paediatric Nutrition at the UCL GOS Institute of Child Health

*Are you a new mum? Share your voice with us.

Access the transcript for Episode 29

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Episode 30: What can we learn from Africa's response to the pandemic?

At the start of the global pandemic, many predicted that Africa would be severely affected by COVID-19. But several months on, and the continent hasn’t seen the levels of infection and coronavirus-related deaths that were originally expected. Join host Vivienne Parry and our special guests to discuss why this might be, and what we can learn from how the pandemic has affected countries in Africa:

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Episode 31: Has justice been served during the pandemic?

In this week’s episode, we explore how the pandemic has impacted the justice system over the last nine months. Our experts discuss the many ways in which the pandemic has brought the legal world to a halt - and explore the efforts to get it back up and running. We also take a look at how coronavirus has highlighted pre-existing inequalities, as well as created new ones - and what lack of access to legal help and social justice can mean for health and wellbeing.

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Episode 32: Is the vaccine the beginning of the end?

Last week, after months of clinical trials, the first handful of people became the first in the world to receive a COVID vaccine, marking the beginning of the end of the coronavirus pandemic. In this week's episode, we highlight the extraordinary achievement that this represents - and explore the value and importance of collaboration across borders and across disciplines. We've discussed vaccines before in Episode 16 - and we're now returning to the topic with Professor Martina Micheletti, Professor of Bioprocess Fluid Dynamics in the UCL Department of Biochemical Engineering, and co-director of the future vaccine manufacturing hub Vax Hub, which works to secure the supply of essential vaccines.

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Episode 33: 2020 Wrapped Up

To kick off the new year, we take a look back at 2020 and the lessons we've learned throughout the pandemic. In this episode, we revisit some of the exemplary work happening at UCL - work that has been as interdisciplinary as it has been instrumental to combating the virus, as cutting edge as it has been community-minded, and as world-leading as it has been lifesaving.

This episode features interview exerts from experts of all manner of disciplines, from medicine, engineering, psychology, education, political science, sociology and many more.

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Episode 34: How can we make healthcare fairer after COVID-19?

NEW! Episode 34: How can we make healthcare fairer after COVID-19?
COVID-19 has exposed and amplified the shocking pre-existing health inequalities in the UK. In this week’s episode, we’re embodying the January spirit of new year’s resolutions and looking to the future to see what needs to happen to make our communities safer and fairer.

At the end of last year, the Institute of Health Equity released their report Build Back Fairer: The COVID-19 Marmot Review. Inspired by the mantra “Build Back Better” the report, written by Michael Marmot, Jessica Allen, Peter Goldblatt, Eleanor Herd and Joana Morrison, aims to summarise the inequalities, both in terms of those created by the pandemic and the ways it has impacted society, and make recommendations for the future. In today’s episode, we speak to Professor Sir Michael Marmot to find out more.

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Episode 35: New variants and vaccine roll-outs: a shot of hope?

Today marks a significant milestone in the UK’s vaccination programme as millions more people aged 70 and over are invited to receive their jabs. However, as we are making this progress, so is the virus. In this episode, we speak to UCL experts from the Department of Primary Care & Population Health and the Faculty of Population Health Sciences to find out more about how the vaccine roll-out works, and whether it will work on the new variant of the virus.

Special guests:
- Prof Martin Marshall
- Prof Deenan Pillay
- Prof Helen Bedford

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Episode 36: How can we protect our mental health during the pandemic?

This month, mental health has come to occupy centre stage as we grapple with the impact of lockdown and the multiple assaults on our resilience caused by uncertainty, illness, recovery, financial insecurity, job losses, bereavement, homeschooling, and so much more. Our focus on mental health right now could represent a real opportunity to build back better and create a mental health system that's right for our times.

  • Prof Anthony David (Professor of Mental Health Director & Sackler Chair, UCL Institute of Mental Health)
  • Dr Michael Bloomfield (Principal Research Fellow, Division of Psychiatry Faculty of Brain Sciences)

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Episode 37: How can we juggle parenting, home schooling and play?

In this week’s episode, we’re discussing home-schooling & play, home-working, parenting - and how to juggle them all. With the latest announcement that schools won’t be reopening until at least the 8th March, we speak to three UCL experts to explore how home-schooling is affecting children and parents, and some practical tips and tricks for listeners.

UCL experts:

  • Dr Sandra Leaton Gray, Institute of Education
  • Prof Lorraine Sherr, Faculty of Pop Health Sciences
  • Prof John Potter, Institute of Education
  • Observational Play

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Episode 38: Is public transport safe?

This week, we're investigating public transport. Now, in the first lockdown, many of us were able to batten down the hatches and stay indoors. But, as lockdown 3.0 continues, it's important that we stay informed about the best precautions to take if and when we do need to leave the house. And, one happy day, we're going to have to return to public transport en masse. So, in this episode, we find out if it's safe to travel, how to protect ourselves when travelling, and hear more from our experts about what we need to know when making longer journeys. 

Our guests this week:

Sarah Beale Dr Paul McGovern Dr Richard Peters


Access the transcript to Episode 38
Read more about the Virus Watch Study here.

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Episode 39: Lockdown lives: How has COVID-19 changed our lifestyles?

In this week's episode, we're looking back at our lives in lockdown, and asking - how has the pandemic changed our routine? Find out more about the impact Covid-19 has had on our diet, social interactions, exercise routines, and more.

UCL guests this week


Access the transcript to Episode 39
Read more: Impact of COVID-19 on weight management practices in the UK
Read more: #MyLockdownDiaries


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Episode 40: Can we have a summer holiday this year?

With Boris Johnson set to announce several stages for the easing of lockdown later today, rumours are circulating about what his roadmap might mean for international travel. In this week’s episode, we speak to three UCL experts to try and get to the bottom of some of these rumours, and to learn more about international travel during the pandemic and what we can expect in the future.

Our guests:

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Episode 41: What can we do to help young people recover from the pandemic?

As children across the UK start heading back to the classroom, we speak to two leading academics, whose work focuses on children and education.. With a focus on vulnerable children, our guests tell us more about the projects they're involved with to help mitigate the impact of the pandemic.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, in this episode we also hear about their passions and why and how they embarked upon their journeys in academia. Exploring their experiences as women academics during the pandemic, we hear about how they’re juggling work and home life - and learn what we can do to support women in academia who may be struggling.

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Episode 42: Why are some black people hesitant about the vaccine?

With the COVID-19 vaccine rollout in the UK well underway, in this episode we explore some of the differences in uptake in communities across the UK, with around 70% of Black people reporting that they're unlikely to have the jab.

Host Vivienne Parry is joined by a UCL team of researchers and clinicians from the Royal Free Hosptial in London - Mr Leye Ajayi, Dr Lola Emanuel-Kole, Dr Taj Fregene and Chris Brew-Graves to discuss some of the issues surrounding vaccine hesitancy, and exploring how to overcome some of the barriers to Black people being vaccinated.

Access the transcript to Episode 42

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Episode 43: One year on - What do know now?

Over the past year, UCL alumna and science broadcaster Vivienne Parry OBE has spoken to staff, students and alumni from all across UCL's 11 faculties. In this week's episode, almost a year to the day since the UK first went into lock down, we are speaking to two researchers from the UCL School of Pharmacy, Oksana Pyzik, and the UCL Division of Psychology and Language Sciences, Prof Susan Michie, about that year: How far have we come, and how are we going to use all that research to improve public health policy and ensure that we're better prepared to tackle disease outbreaks and prevent future pandemics?

Watch Oksana's UCL Lunch Hour Lecture here.

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Episode 44: How do we build pandemic resilience?

This week, we speak to two UCL experts to find out what we can do to help mitigate the long-term harms of coronavirus and reduce the risk of future pandemics. In this episode, we ask: how long will the impacts of COVID-19 last - and will we start seeing many more pandemics in future?


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Episode 45: Why should you get tested for COVID-19?

How is testing helping us address the pandemic? Why is it still important? Could the light at the end of the tunnel that we now glimpse be genuine this time?

Answers depend on the two pillars that underpin hope in the future - vaccines and testing. Host Vivienne Parry OBE is joined by guests who have been instrumental in testing programmes both here at UCL and across the country. We're going to be discussing the benefits of testing especially as the country is starting to reopen as well as the drawbacks.


Becky Whitham (Office of Vice Provost - Health) Sian Minett (UCL Estates) Prof Irene Petersen (Faculty of Population Health Sciences). 


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Episode 46: What does the future of work look like?

Coming out of lockdown doesn't mean returning to life as we knew it, especially in the world of work. So this week, we've brought together two UCL experts to talk us through the future of work, and how COVID-19 has the potential to change things for the better.


Prof Anna Cox (Professor & Vice Dean (Equality, Diversity & Inclusion) UCL Faculty of Brain Sciences Dave Cook (PhD Candidate, UCL Anthropology)


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Episode 47: What’s happening in Westminster?

This week marks one year since we launched our first episode of Coronavirus: The Whole Story - when we had no idea what challenges lay ahead of us. In today’s episode, we speak to three UCL experts to hear about how much has changed in that time, looking specifically at government and the law. What powers have been brought in to help enforce lockdown and tackle the virus? Have they been given the correct amount of scrutiny? And, how do they compare to other coronavirus laws created by other countries?


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Episode 48: Are COVID-19 vaccines safe?

With the recent news that under-40s are going to be offered an alternative to the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, we speak to two UCL experts to explore the risks and benefits of coronavirus vaccines. How safe are vaccines? Do they cause blood clots? And how does this risk compare with other day-to-day activities? Listen to find out.


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Episode 49: What is happening in India?

One thing that we have learned about coronavirus on this podcast is that it doesn’t affect everyone equally. Whilst the UK and US have been able to vaccinate over half their populations so far this year, the virus has been having a devastating impact in other parts of the world. Today we are going to be talking about the current crisis in India, their deadly second wave and what can be done to help.

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Episode 50: What is Long COVID?

Over a year on from the start of the pandemic, many people are still suffering complications after contracting coronavirus in the first wave. In our 50th episode, we explore the long-term physical and psychological effects of the virus by talking to two researchers about their groundbreaking work with “Long COVID”. Find out more about the symptoms of Long COVID, what to do if you think you have it, and what not to say to a Long COVID sufferer!

Dr Michael Zandi (Honorary Associate Professor in the UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology Department of Neuromuscular Diseases) Dr Alexandra Burton (Senior Research Fellow in Behavioural Science / Behaviour Change at the Institute of Epidemiology & Health)

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Episode 51: How have our shopping habits changed?

Lockdown is easing, the vaccination programme here in the UK is making steady progress, the sun is shining again, it almost feels as if the end is in sight. But what is the “normal” that we’re returning to going to look like?

The pandemic has changed a lot of things about the way the world works and one area, in particular, is shopping. In this week’s episode, host Vivienne Parry speaks to entrepreneur Professor Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic (UCL Department of Clinical, Educational and Health Psychology) to understand how the pandemic has affected our shopping habits from delivery apps to online purchasing to the “death” of the highstreet.

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Episode 52: Are we already experiencing a third wave?

Today Vivienne Parry talks to Professor Francois Balloux (Chair in Computational Systems Biology and Chair of the UCL Genetics Institute) and Dr Keri Wong (Assistant Professor in Psychology in the Department of Psychology and Human Development at UCL IOE) about the lockdown extension, a potential third wave here in the UK and what this means for us mentally and physically.

With the end of lockdown in England in July, our Coronavirus: The Whole Story podcast is also coming to an end. Join us on Wednesday 21 July for the finale of Coronavirus: The Whole Story, a live panel event hosted by Vivienne Parry.

Ask the experts directly in this very special finale to showcase the amazing work that has taken place across UCL.

UCL-Penn Global COVID Study - join the webinar on 28 July here.

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