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Affiliate Students

For Junior Year Abroad, Erasmus+ and exchange students.

Undergraduate Affiliate Programme

Affiliate students in the Department of Economics can apply to study here for the Fall Term, Spring & Summer Terms or the full year while remaining registered to your home insititution. You'll join classes alongside our BSc students and be taught through a mixture of lectures, demonstration lectures and tutorial classes. A significant amount of independent study is also expected, up to 40 hours per week.

You'll be academically motivated and comfortable with quantitative methods of analysis.

Entry Requirements 

Please upload a transcript as a part of your online application showing you have already taken or are currently taking (see the link to equivalent courses at UCL explaining the material you should have covered): 

Students are expected to have an overall grade (GPA) of A- or better across their studies, and a B+ minimum in the four subjects mentioned above. 

For attention of independent (not reciprocal exchange) students: You should be enrolled at a degree programme in Economics or have your Economics major declared at least a year prior to applying to UCL. 

The Department prioritises students who meet the conditions above and apply through reciprocal exchanges. Applicants will be ranked in the following order of preference: Full-year, Term 2 & 3, Term 1. 

All applications will be reviewed following the admissions deadline. Please allow 4-6 weeks for a decision to come through.  

If you need further advice, feel free to reach out to economics.affiliates@ucl.ac.uk 

Application Deadline:

  • Term 1/Full Year applications: 5 April
  • Term 2 & 3 applications: 30 September 


Aside from those that are included in the Elective Module Portfolio, Year 1 modules in Economics are not available to affiliate students. Students who are interested in Second & Final Year modules are advised to check the Module List for more details, including pre-requisites and assumed knowledge (information may be subject to change). Affiliates based in other UCL departments can only take one module with us and should check the Students in other departments webpage for further information about how to sign up for economics electives.

Teaching and Assessment

Written coursework can take the form of exercises, problem sets, essays or projects and presentations – the amount required will differ between modules. Coursework may be discussed, reviewed in tutorial classes and graded to guide to your progress. Submission of coursework and attendance at tutorial classes is mandatory.

Final grades are based largely on examination performance, but for some modules there is an assessed project or group work component and other modules may include or be wholly assessed by other forms of assessment such as mid-terms, quizzes, and take-home exams.

Students attending for the Fall Term only will take any final departmental examinations in December during the last week of term. Students attending for the Full Year or the Spring & Summer Terms will take final examinations in the main examination period, April – June. Applicants should note that students will be expected to be present at UCL for examinations and alternative arrangements are not permitted.


You can find more information about applying at Study Abroad at UCL: How to apply.

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Hannah Yu, University of Toronto, Canada

UCL provided an enriching academic environment and a vibrant social scene that made my time there unforgettable. 

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Zac Horbelt, University of Melbourne, Australia

Studying at UCL during the 2022 Fall Semester was an exceptional experience.

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Ayan Sawhney, Cornell University, USA

My time spent at UCL was wonderfully enriching.

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Sydney Wuu, Dartmouth College, USA

I only wish that my term abroad could have been longer!

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Max Christl, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

 I really enjoyed my study abroad semester at UCL.

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Watson Goh, Duke University, USA

I am extremely grateful to have spent a wonderful semester at UCL.

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Zachary Dionise, Davidson College, USA

My study experience at UCL was incredibly worthwhile.

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