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Studying Economics at UCL Videos

Watch our set of videos on being an Economics student at UCL

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What makes an application to Economics at UCL successful?

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A student's journey through UCL Economics

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What does it take to become an Economist in our degree?

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Careers support in Economics

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Dr Michela Tincani shares her thoughts about how to make the most of your studies

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Professor Martin Cripps reveals his literary and economics inspiration

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Introduction to Centre for Teaching and Learning Economics (CTaLE)

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Economics with a placement year degree

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Learning by doing at UCL Economics
more videos available on the CTaLE YouTube channel

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Professor Wendy Carlin highlights the unique and stimulating first year of Economics at UCL



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Professor Imran Rasul is in conversation with student, Yash Dewan, about inspiration, academic journey and advice for students

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Get to know BSc Economics Co-Director Professor Aureo de Paula.