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Undergraduate Economics Prizes and Winners

Find out more about the history of prizes for undergraduate winners and a list of recent undergraduate prize winners.

Harold Speight Prize in Economics 

Typically awarded to the finalist with the best overall degree result, this £1000 prize is named after Harold Speight (1919 – 1993) a student at the UCL Department of Economics from 1935 – 1938 who later lectured in the University of Leeds and authored several textbooks. His will left funds to promote the study of economics.

2020/21 winner

  • Guo Xuan Wong 

Eleanora Allen Prize

This £200 prize, awarded for performance on the BSc Economics programme, George Cyril Allen (1900 – 1982), CBE FBA, Professor in the UCL Department of Economics from from 1947 – 1967, was an expert in industrial economics and economic history, with a special interest in the economics of Japan. His will left funds to award a prize in honour of his late wife Eleanora Allen.

2020/21 winner

  • Yuting Zhang

GC Allen Sessional Prize                           

A Heather Bigg / AJ Cahill Prize

A £150 prize awarded annually for performance on the BSc Economics programme, Ada Heather Bigg arrived to study economics at UCL in 1875. She was awarded the Hume scholarship and the Jevons scholarship to pursue research on economic and social conditions in London in 1891. Her will left funds to award a prize in alternate years for performance on the BSc (Econ). A J Cahill was UCL Registrar from 1954 – 1978. After his death, funds raised in his memory were assigned to the award of a similar prize. These prize funds have now been merged.

2020/21 winner

  • Sean Tu

Hume-Lloyd Prizes

Joseph Hume was a founder of UCL and after his death, funds for a scholarship were raised to commemorate his ‘public services and virtues’. The Lloyd scholarship was established in 1907 by Miss Elizabeth Lloyd in memory of her brother Francis Lloyd a former student of UCL. In 1938 these scholarships were merged and the title is now attached to the ten sessional prizes of £30 each the department awards each year recognising outstanding performance in that year’s examinations.

2020/21 winner

Year 3

  • Maria Lovin
  • Lei Chu
  • Jin Luo

Year 2 

  • Tanyi Liu
  • George Hale
  • Alessandro Guarnieri

Year 1

  • Feidias Georgiadis
  • Michael Geaney
  • Jasmine Khoo 

John Pencavel Prize

Awarded each year to recognise outstanding performance in examinations by an affiliate student, the prize of $250 is named after John Pencavel, Professor at Stanford, who studied in the UCL Department of Economics from 1962 – 1966.

Faculty Undergraduate Scholarship for Excellence 

  • 2020/21 winner (Year 1)Jasmine Khoo
  • 2020/21 winner (Year 2)Tanyi Liu  

Previous winners

2017/18 winners 

Year 3

Harold Speight Prize in Economics           Wen Jie Koh

Eleanora Allen Prize                                    Yi Lee

A Heather Bigg / AJ Cahill Prize                 Xinyi Lu

Hume-Lloyd Prize                                       Hong Tran Tran

Hume-Lloyd Prize                                       Adelson Teh Ming Wei

GC Allen Prize                                              Yi-Hsuan  Wan

Year 2

Economics Sessional Prize                         Otso Hao

Economics Sessional Prize                         Shin Low

Year 1

Economics Sessional Prize                         Hanzhe Lu

Economics Sessional Prize                         Tianrui Mu

John Pencavel Prize                                    Agathe Gregoire

2018/19 winners

Year 3    

Harold Speight Prize in Economics              George Louis Hick

Eleanora Allen Prize                                      Otso Peigong Hao

A Heather Bigg / AJ Cahill Prize                    Benjamin Thomas Green

GC Allen Sessional Prize                               Eirini Adam

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Ruben Shunichi Emiel Takahashi Pauwels

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Karin So

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Sean Chua Yan Chun

Year 2   

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Zhi Bing Mervyn Cheong

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Xiang Zeng

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Victor Patrick Marcel Engel

Year 1   

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                          Yuting Zhang

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                          Tiansui Tu

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                          Sijie Ke

John Pencavel Prize                                       Jing Kun Go

2019/20 winners 

Year 3    

Harold Speight Prize in Economics             Samuel Asher

Eleanora Allen Prize                                      Victor Patrick Marcel Engel

A Heather Bigg / AJ Cahill Prize                  Xiang Zeng

GC Allen Sessional Prize                              Raphael Daniel Bokobza 

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                        Joseph Chan Boren 

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                        Philipp-Leo Mengel

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                        Louis John Shaw

Year 2   

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Guo Xuan Wong

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Tiansui Tu

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Yuting Zhang

Year 1   

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                          Sean Chan

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Ivar Lassesen

Hume-Lloyd Sessional Prize                         Shama Riddhi