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What Past Students Say

Read what former students of the undergraduate affiliate programme in the Department of Economics thought of their study abroad experience.

affiliate programme student

Max Christl, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland

I spent the fall semester of 2017 as a study abroad student at UCL. Since the University of St. Gallen, my home university in Switzerland, is not in a partnership with UCL I had to organize the study abroad semester by myself.

One of the main reasons I really enjoyed my semester here in London is UCL’s approach to teaching. Continue reading.

Watson Goh, Duke

I am extremely grateful to have spent a wonderful semester at UCL. As an Economics student, I was extremely excited to be able to take a wide range of classes which would have likely not been offered at my home university.  Furthermore, it was nice to be among course-mates who were equally as engaged with the material as I was. Continue reading.

Zachary Dionise, Davidson College, USA

My study experience at UCL was incredibly worthwhile.  Not only was it fantastic academically, but it was also culturally enriching.  Study at UCL exceeded the expectations I had for my time in London in all areas: academics, student life, the city, and travel. Continue reading.