UCL Department of Economics


Watson Goh

Watson Goh, Duke University, USA

I am extremely grateful to have spent a wonderful semester at UCL. As an Economics student, I was extremely excited to be able to take a wide range of classes which would have likely not been offered at my home university. Furthermore, it was nice to be among course-mates who were equally as engaged with the material as I was.

I think personally I found most joy in interacting with other exchange students, for it was they, who through myriad ways ended up in UCL, that had the most interesting backstories and tales. Thinking back to a late-night conversation with a Turkish friend about the state of his home country’s politics, I feel that that is in a way what makes UCL special – drawing together a diverse set of people from around the world.

I’ve also come to appreciate and enjoy the freedom I’ve experienced in UCL, with many a memory of a late-night sojourn to a jazz café somewhere in the outskirts of London. UCL’s central location has made living in London truly enjoyable and explorable, while at the same time allowing me to take a short hop into Europe for a long weekend in whatever European city I so desire. Were it not for the people at UCL, I would have came for its amazing location.

Fall 2018