UCL Earth Sciences


New Academic Staff Introduction

17 October 2023

Greetings to the newest additions to our academic team: Dr. Lizzy Steell, Dr. Penelope Wilson and Dr. Udeme Dickson. We are thrilled to welcome you to our department!

Image of the new staff

Image: from left Penelope, Lizzy and Udeme

Dr Udeme John Dickson Before joining UCL, I had work at several universities and colleges both within and outside the UK. I have also work as an environmental scientist, analytical chemist and Environmental consultant in the industrial and public sector.   
Teaching: Here at UCL, I am involved in the teaching and delivery of modules such as Introduction to Environmental Geosciences; Geological and Environmental Mapping; Environmental Geochemistry; & GIS and Remote Sensing.  
Research: My research area include Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Geochemistry & Environmental Geosciences. These are further mapped out into Pollution Monitoring and Remediation, Environmental Forensics & Diagnostics; Ecosytem Services, Ecosystem mapping and modelling; Energy balance in the Ecosystem; as well as Health, Safety, Environmental Management and Sustainability.  Dr Udeme Dickson's academic profile

Dr Lizzy Steell Before joining UCL, I did my PhD in Palaeobiology at Cambridge University. Before that, I was actually an undergraduate and masters student here at UCL, studying Zoology between 2015-2019.
Teaching: Now, at UCL, I mainly teach vertebrate palaeontology and macroevolution. I am the course leader for second year Vertebrate Palaeontology and third year Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Patterns. I am also involved in the fieldtrips to Dorset and Ries (Germany) and the fourth year module Advanced Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Studies.
Research: My research area is vertebrate palaeontology, where I mainly specialise in the anatomy and fossil record of birds. I mainly use X-ray imaging in order to study small bird bones in 3D. I also apply and develop computational methods to infer evolutionary patterns and processes across different vertebrate groups. I have expertise in morphological and molecular phylogenetic inference, phylogenetic comparative techniques and R programming  Dr Lizzy Steell's academic profile

Dr Penelope Wilson I’m a structural, igneous, hazards and field geologist. I have recently joined the Department of Earth Sciences at UCL after 8 years as a Lecturer at Kingston University, London following completion of my PhD. In addition to being a Senior Lecturer in Earth Sciences at KU, I was also the Course Director for the Environmental Science programme, including the Hazards and Disaster Management pathway, and the L6 Environmental Practitioner Degree Apprenticeship. Therefore L, I have always had a significant teaching, programme design and student experience focus to my work.  
Teaching: During my first year at UCL I will be leading the Year 1 Level 4 core module GEOL0006 Surface Processes. I am also contributing towards the teaching of a number of other modules, including GEOL0024 Geological and Environmental Mapping, GEOL0010 Sedimentology and Stratigraphy - including the Spanish Pyrenees fieldtrip, and GEOL0038 Research Proposal. As a Lecturer (Teaching) I hope to bring my passion for teaching into the classroom and inspire and motivate the students, whilst providing an excellent student experience. In my role as Undergraduate Tutor, I hope to get to know all of our students and to help provide a supportive, encouraging and fun environment in which to learn and develop as Earth Scientists. My other roles include being the Chair of the Student Staff Consultative Committee, Chair of the Earth Science Departmental Extenuating Circumstances Panel, the Affiliate Tutor, and the SoRA lead. External roles - I am currently the External Examiner for the Geology, Earth and Environmental Sciences programmes at The Open University, and have recently joined the Geological Society of London Degree Accreditation Committee. 
Research: I am a multidisciplinary geoscientist specialising in structural, igneous, hazards, and field geology. After carrying out my undergraduate independent mapping in the White Mountains in California, I was hooked on geological fieldwork, and so any postgraduate research HAD to include plenty of time in the field - ideally in hot, sunny and rugged climates. After a spell of time looking at the volcano-tectonic architecture of Au-Ag epithethermal mineralisation in the Coromandel Peninsula, NZ (and touring the RSAs of the North Island singing with the party band Upfront!), I was, once again, drawn to the desert. My PhD was looking at magma ascent and emplacement in the shallow crust, accommodation structures and topological characteristics and trends, with months of fieldwork in the beautiful Henry Mountains in Utah. My current research continues to develop aspects of my PhD work, and I am also carrying out new research into geotourism, associated hazards, risk and risk perception with the aim of improving geotourism safety.   Dr Penelope Wilson's academic profile