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Dr Lizzy Steell

Vertebrate palaeontology and evolution, macroevolutionary patterns, phylogenetic comparative methods, avian anatomy

Teaching Fellow, Vertebrate Palaeobiology


Dr Lizzy Sreell



Teaching FellowK. Lonsdale Building, G02

Courses Taught:

GEOL0015 Maps, Images and Structures (field course contributor)
GEOL0009 Vertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution (module organiser and lecturer)
GEOL0021 Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Patterns (module organiser and lecturer)
GEOL0014 Geosciences Report (contributor)
GEOL0036 Advanced Biodiversity and Macroevolutionary Studies (contributor)
GEOL0039 Earth and Planetary System Science (field course contributor)

Research Group(s):

Vertebrate Palaeontology

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

e.steell@ucl.ac.ukvia Teams

Research Summary

I am an evolutionary biologist with expertise in avian skeletal anatomy and the development of quantitative phylogenetic comparative methods in R. My focal area has been investigating evolutionary mode in the largest radiation of living birds, the passerines. Specifically, I characterise skeletal variation in passerine birds that can then be used to infer the evolutionary relationships of passerine fossils, as well as be subject to quantitative macroevolutionary analyses to assess convergent evolution and morphological diversification among passerines.