UCL Earth Sciences


Dr Udeme John Dickson

Environmental Geosciences, Ecosystem services, Geological & Environmental Mapping, GIS/Remote Sensing, Climate change, Environmental Forensics & Diagnostics, Pollution studies & Pollution Remediation

Lecturer (Teaching) in Environmental Geosciences

Dr Udeme Dickson



Lecturer (Teaching) Kathleen Lonsdale, 114

Courses Taught:

GEOL0076:    Introduction to Environmental Geosciences
GEOL0024:    Geological and Environmental Mapping
GEOL0031:    Environmental Geochemistry
GEOL0073:    GIS and Remote Sensing          

Research Group(s):

The London Geochemistry and Isotope Centre

Email Address:

Telephone Number:

u.dickson@ucl.ac.uk020 3108 8929 (58929)

Research Summary

Environmental Analytical Chemistry, Environmental Geochemistry & Environmental Geosciences 

  • Development/optimisation of Techniques for monitoring, analysis, and remediation of polluted environments
  • Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental (Soil, Air, and Water) quality study and remediation
  • Petroleum Analysis and finger printing; Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons analysis and remediation in soils, sediments, and water
  • Monitoring, analysis, and treatment of pharmaceutical wastes: antibiotics, drugs, phenolics, personal care products.
  • Pollution monitoring and Remediation Studies: Pesticides & Microplastics monitoring and analysis; Trace-metals & Nutrients analysis and speciation studies; Petroleum and Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbons monitoring and analysis;Persistent Organic Compounds monitoring and analysis

Physical Chemistry: Chemical kinetics, electrochemistry, and particle size analysis
Environmental Forensics & Diagnostics: biomarkers analysis and fingerprinting, identification and source apportionments of pollutants, wildlife crime investigations 
Ecosystem services: Investigating cases of deprivation or suitability of ecosystem services, Biodiversity crises, Biodiversity net gain, Environmental management, ecosystem mapping and modelling
Environmental modelling: sorption and desorption modelling in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
Energy balance in the Ecosystem: hydrogen and carbon capturing in soils and terrestrial ecosystem
Physical geography: Influence of land use on natural disaster and pollution patterns
Effect of natural disaster (wildfire, flooding) on environmental quality 
Climate change and demographics 
Geological and Environmental Mapping, GIS and Remote Sensing
Statistics & Data analysis for Environmental applications
Health, Safety, Environmental Management and Sustainability: Process safety, Energy and Environmental sustainability of industrial processes; Environmental management

Dr Udeme John Dickson holds a BSc in Chemistry (Environmental Chemistry), an MSc in Industrial Chemistry, and a PhD in Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science. Over the span of his career, Udeme has the experience of working in industrial quality control, Environmental Consultancy, and as an Academia in several colleges and Universities.