UCL Career Frameworks


Web Content - grade 5/6

Example job roles: Web Content Assistant, Digital Communications Assistant

Level:    Developing/Skilled


Activities and responsibilities likely to be required when working at this level

  • Drafting and formatting web content using CMS
  • Edit pictures for the web (ideally using Adobe Creative Suite or similar)
  • Being a first point of contact for CMS 
  • Collate and coordinate web content

Personal and professional development

Development options to consider when working towards this level

On the job learning

  • Familiarity with UCL guidelines (visual identity, and house style)
  • Basic CMS use
  • Customer relationship management
  •  CMA aware/ apply knowledge
  • Awareness of legislation relating to web content
  • ‘Writing for the web’.

Interactions with others  

  • Shadowing to learn about CAM/ Faculty activities
  • Communities of Practice
  • Lunch and learn.

Formal training

  • ‘Writing for the web’ training courses/plain English
  • CMS training course
  • Drupal training.

* You may wish to explore the listed formal training themes /topics on LinkedIn Learning.

Transferable skills and competencies

UCL uses the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to discuss transferable skills. Find out more details on the framework.

Following instructions and procedures

  • Following directions.
  • Following procedures.
  • Time keeping and attending.
  • Demonstrating commitment.
  • Showing awareness of safety issues.
  • Complying with legal obligations.

Writing and reporting

  • Writing correctly.
  • Writing clearly and fluently.
  • Writing in an expressive and engaging style.
  • Targeting communication.

Achieving personal work goals and objectives

  • Achieving objectives.
  • Working energetically and enthusiastically.
  • Pursuing self-development.
  • Demonstrating ambition.

UCL Ways of Working

These describe expected behaviours in line with UCL culture and values. For further information, and more detailed indicators, search “UCL Ways for Working” on the UCL website.


Career Pathway roles are indicative and are not intended to be a description of the role in terms of responsibilty and duties.