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Web content management

The web content management family sits within the Communications and Marketing (CAM Plus) practice area. An example career pathway could take you from a Web Content Assistant to a Digital Manager.

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What is web content management?

Web content management is currently undertaken by thousands of people at UCL. It plays a bigger part in digital communication roles but across academic departments, the role is rarely specialized and is often carried out by communication generalists, administrators or academic staff.

However, as the importance of digital communication, marketing and engagement grows, developing an expert understanding of web content management as part of a specific role at UCL should ideally grow in importance, as expertise in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), user experience, digital accessibility and digital marketing are vital to effective web content management.

Depending on the skill level of someone working in web content management, they might need to know how to create, upload and format user-friendly SEO-optimised web content that is written for web and mobile, manage multi-media (images and video) according to best practice, understand how to optimise web content for multi-channel campaigns, and have a thorough understanding of digital accessibility across all these areas.

Role Profiles 

Career Case Studies

Clare Kennedy

Clare Kennedy

Digital Service and Experience Manager

Meet Clare

Charlotte Choudhry

Charlotte Choudhry

Communications and Marketing Manager

Meet Charlotte