UCL Career Frameworks


Web Content - grade 9

Example job roles: Head of Digital, Head of Web Content

Level:    Senior


Activities and responsibilities likely to be required when working at this level

  • Own digital strategy and governance in line with business objectives
  • Oversee content production capability including resource and technology decisions
  • Negotiate and approve contracts or service level agreements relating to content production
  • Manage a programme of interrelated projects
  • Lead team of content managers and producers
  • Apply knowledge of emerging technologies, APIs and platform/social integrations
  • Apply knowledge of information security and accessibility

Personal and professional development

Development options to consider when working towards this level

On the job learning

  • Lead a team within a matrix environment
  • HR issues
  • Keep abreast of new trends and emerging digital channels/social media platforms
  • budget/finance management

Interactions with others  

  • Presenting to Governance
  • Groups and project boards

Formal training

  • Project/ Programme Management training
  • Management and Leadership Training
  • Managing budgets/ finance trainin

Transferable skills and competencies

UCL uses the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to discuss transferable skills. Find out more details on the framework.

Creating and innovating

  • Innovating. Seeking and introducing change.

Formulating strategies and concepts

  • Thinking broadly. Approaching work strategically. Setting and developing strategy. Visioning.

Presenting and communicating information

  • Speaking fluently. Explaining concepts and opinions. Articulating key  points of an argument. Presenting and public speaking. Projecting credibility. Responding to an audience.

UCL Ways of Working

These describe expected behaviours in line with UCL culture and values.  For Ways of Working indicators and steps to development please refer to the Ways of Working website

Career Pathway roles are indicative and are not intended to be a description of the role in terms of responsibilty and duties.