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Business Relationship Management

The Business Relationship Management careers family sits within the Information Technology practice area. An example career pathway could take you from AV Technical Support to Head of IT.

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What is Business Relationship Management

Colleagues in this job family work to understand UCL business requirements, facilitating conversations and agreements between IT and stakeholder, whether they be internal or external (contractors/suppliers) in order to get best value from the organisation’s investment in IT. Staff working in this area keep themselves well informed of potential changes and new developments in the sector in order to make sure that new knowledge is brought back into the area, informing ongoing improvements across UCL.

Often called the ‘eyes and ears of IT’ we set out to achieve strategic alignment between internal IT provision and organisation needs through being a trusted partner, and to formalise relationships around contracts to understand and realise related commercial benefit so that IT can best support and enable the organisation. We identify and exert influence with appropriate stakeholders in order to build a case and promote an appropriate course of action. Relationship and Engagement practitioners understand UCL from strategy to culture and operating practice as well as having a complete oversight of the service portfolio.

Sector specific knowledge, for example, in research or education, and awareness is important and practitioners in this field work cooperatively with other HEIs to understand best practice in this space.

Role Profiles 

Independent - grade 7
Advanced - grade 8
Senior - grade 9

Career case study

Nick Mulliss

Nicholas Mullis

Head of Faculty IT

Meet Nicholas