UCL Career Frameworks


Information Technology

There are 7 job families in the Information Technology practice area: Strategy and Architecture, Change and Delivery, Development and Test, Service and Operations, Business Relationship Management, Information Security and Learning and Media Technologists.

Find out more about these job families, view the career pathways within them and read career case studies from colleagues across UCL.

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Strategy and Architecture

Responding to organisational needs, developing requirements and turning them into practical technical services.

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Change and Delivery

Working as a change champion, collaborating with colleagues to drive through improvements.

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Development and Test

Work closely together with colleagues to deliver technical solutions to business requirements.

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Service and Operations

Ensuring the continuous running and sustainability of university activities that rely on information technology systems.

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Business Relationship Management

Supporting UCL business requirements by facilitating conversations and agreements between stakeholders.

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Information Security

Helping an organisation to monitor and understand its security risks, governance and compliance.

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Learning and Media Technologists

Helping academics and students to access, and make the best use of, technologies to enhance learning.

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IT Leadership Level

Likely to be achieved by people who have experienced a range of roles.