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4. Presentation

The ability to share and test ideas through presentations is crucial in order to test their acceptability to key audiences, for example to a community or client.

Introduction to Presentation

Presenting ideas to a wider audience is the final very important part of the design process.  At various stages during the process this will involve presenting each of the three previous phases of the work (analysis, concepts, detailed design) concisely and clearly.   

Graphically, presenting designs is akin to storytelling. It requires a continuous and well-developed narrative that the audience can follow, for example flowing from issues of problem generation through to the implementation of ideas.   

Successful layouts and presentations attract attention, convey a clear and powerful message, and tell the story of each project. Developing a concept for presentations is therefore also critical, requiring a common uniting approach to factors such as colour, text, layout, titling, and an overall sense of order. 

Introduction handout


Software handouts

Design Process Phases

      Graphic Design Process Analysing teaser

      1. Analysis

      Develop your concept and spatial design techniques

      Graphic Design Process Visualising teaser

      2. Visualisation

      Support on how to use content design tools

      Graphic Design Process Designing teaser

      3. Detailed design

      Improve your writing and presentation