The Bartlett School of Planning


Graphic Skills Foundation Module

This elective non-credit-bearing taught module is aimed at providing practical guidance to students in producing graphics for urban design and planning projects.

For students who are unable to attend the live sessions, the recordings of all the presentations will be available on Moodle to watch at your own pace. The only pre-requisite is that students enrol on Moodle via the link below. 

Who should attend?

We strongly recommend this course to students on the following programmes: 

  • MSc International Planning
  • MSc Spatial Planning
  • MSc Spatial Planning Degree Apprenticeship
  • MSc Sustainable Urbanism
  • MSc Urban Design & City Planning
  • MSc Urban Regeneration
  • MPlan City Planning

This is particularly relevant if you have no graphics training, or feel the need to brush up on these skills

Course details will be available before the start of the academic year in September  

Term 1 - Basic elements of design in planning and urban design

Term 2 - Technical insights through the use of software 

All the pre-recorded sessions uploaded during Term I will be available on Moodle anytime during Term II and Term III.

Across Term I and II, students will have the opportunity to attend 1-to-1 live tutorials.
PLUS the option for a 20-minute individual session with the Module coordinator to raise questions or get feedback on their specific project.