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Graphics Skills Portal

The BSP Graphic Skills Portal is a set of step-by-step guides and tutorials aimed at supporting students' development and learning of graphic skills at the Bartlett School of Planning.

The Portal is a starting point for extended learning aimed at:   

  • helping students to understand and develop core urban design and planning concepts and techniques,    
  • improving students’ software knowledge and skills, and  
  • providing students with an easy-to-navigate out-of-the-classroom educational tool to develop their ideas and proposals.  

Design comes in a range of forms, from the most abstract/symbolic to the very detailed and together these are used in combination to tell a story: the story of how you understand any given urban space and envision its future.  

Graphic Design Process Techniques teaser

Design Process & Techniques

This bespoke series of booklets is an easy-to-use free resource to help students familiarise with the 4 phases of design: Analysis, Visualisation, Design and Presentation. 


Software Library

Information about graphic software is available to students on campus, off campus and on personal devices. How to download, install and get started on your design journey. 

Graphic Resource Library teaser

Graphic Resources Library

Looking for graphic design resources for your next project? We've compiled a list that include stock images, CAD blocks, fonts, textures, icons and more. 

Current BSP students have the opportunity to enrol in a comprehensive Graphic Skills taught Module that provides a practical guide to producing graphics for planning and urban design projects. 

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