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In each monthly podcast Professor Yvonne Rydin presents a current research project being undertaken at the Bartlett School of Planning and interviews the researcher.

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EP 42: Post covid-19 mobilities and the housing crisis in Europe

Prof. Claire Colomb, Honorary Professor at The Bartlett School of Planning

January 2024

Ep 41: The Potential of Post-Growth Planning: Re-Tooling the Planning Profession for Moving beyond Growth

Dr Dan Durrant, Lecturer in Infrastructure Planning
Dr Christian Lamker, University of Groningen

December 2023

Ep 40: Can community collaboration create liveable cities?

Dr Tse-Hui Teh, Lecturer in urban design and planning

October 2023

Ep 39: From post-political to authoritarian planning in England

Dr. Gareth Fearn, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

July 2023

Ep 38: Modelling Behaviour for Spatial Planning

Dr. Heeseo Rain Kwon, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow

June 2023

 Ep 37: How London came to be the city it is today

Professor Mike Raco, Chair of Urban Governance and Development
Dr Frances Brill, Honorary Lecturer

April 2023

Ep 36: Taking Planning Law Scholarship Seriously

Maria Lee, Professor of Law, Faculty of Laws, UCL

March 2023

Ep 35: What are the challenges and joys of teaching in Planning?

  • Elisabete Cidre, Professor of Urban Design and Historic Cities
  • Elena Besussi, Lecturer and Director of the BSc Urban Design & Management programme and BSc Urban Studies 

February 2023

Ep 34: Community participation and self-governance at the neighbourhood scale in China

Ying Wang, Research Fellow
December 2022

Ep 33: Tackling Air Pollution in China

Weikai Wang, Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
November 2022

Ep 32: Market Traders, Small Businesses and Urban Alliances

Myfanwy TaylorLeverhulme Early Career Research Fellow
October 2022

Ep 31: Community enterprise, community assets and regeneration

Alice EarleyResearch Fellow
June 2022

Ep 30: Health Services and Accessibility for the Elderly

Yuerong ZhangLeverhulme Early Career Research Fellow
May 2022

Ep 29: Mapping and Deep Place Understanding

Dimitrios Panayotopoulos-Tsiros, Research Fellow
April 2022

Ep 28: Rethinking China's Urban Governance

Fulong Wu (BSP)
March 2022

Ep 27: Rural Planning

Nick Gallent (BSP)
February 2022

Ep 26: Inclusive Planning

Yasminah Beebeejaun (BSP) and Michael Short (BSP)
January 2022

Ep 25: Disability and Urban Design

Julie Plichon (London Borough of Islington), Matthew Carmona (BSP) and Pablo Sendra (BSP)
December 2021

Ep 24: Disability and Mobility

Mae-Yee Man Oram (Arup), Rob Hickman, Iqbal Hamiduddin and Jonas de Vos
November 2021


Ep 23: Regulation and Planning: Practices, Institutions, Agency

Yvonne Rydin, Robert Beauregard, Marco Cremaschi and Laura Lieto
October 2021

Ep 22: Critical Dialogues of Urban Governance, Development and Activism

Dr Nicola Livingstone, Dr Susan Moore and Professor Susannah Bunce
September 2021

Ep 21: The WHIG Project

Prof Mike Raco
June 2021

Ep 20: Researching cultural heritage and place in Durham

Prof John Tomaney and Ross Forbes
May 2021

Ep 19: Circular Cities: A Revolution in Urban Sustainability

Dr Jo Williams
April 2021

Purchase Jo's book via Routledge.

Ep 18: Public Space in a Chinese City; the case of Shanghai

Jingyi Zhu, PhD Candidate
March 2021

View and download transcript for episode 18.

Ep 17: Urban heritage: discourses of conservation and equity

Monica Lopez Franco, PhD Candidate
December 2020

View and download transcript for episode 17.

Ep 16: Neo-liberalism, housing and segregation in Chile

Cristobal Diaz Martinez, PhD Candidate
November 2020

View and download transcript for episode 16.

Ep 15: What is an urban void? An Athenian exploration

Dimitrios Panayotopoulos-Tsiros, Research and Teaching Assistant
October 2020

View and download transcript for episode 15.

Ep 14: Alumni Episode (Undergraduate): Aranvir Gawera

Aranvir Gawera, BSc Urban Planning, Design and Management 2018
May 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 4: How might our views on density in cities be altered?

Dr. Michael Short
May 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 3: What are the microscale impacts on the property market?

Dr. Nicola Livingstone
April 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 2: What are the economic implications for real estate?

Dr. Tommaso Gabrieli
April 2020

Addressing COVID-19 Episode 1: What can we learn from South Korea?

Dr. Jung Won Sonn
April 2020
Read 'Coronavirus: South Korea’s success in controlling disease is due to its acceptance of surveillance' on The Conversation website.

Ep 13: Alumni Episode (Postgraduate): Asia Williams

Asia Williams, MSc Spatial Planning 2014
April 2020

Ep 12: Customisation and the City

Dr. Richard Timmerman
March 2020
Read 'Towards sociall sustainable urban design: Analysing actor-area relations linking micro-morphology and micro-democracy.

Ep 11: Transport Accessibility in Mongolia

Dr. Iqbal Hamiduddin and Dr. Daniel Fitzpatrick
February 2020

Ep 10: Paradoxes of Segregation

Dr. Sonia Arbaci
January 2020
Buy a copy of 'Paradoxes of Segregation: Housing Systems, Welfare Regimes and Ethnic Residential Change in Southern European Cities'.

Ep 9: Neoliberlisation from the Ground Up

Callum Ward
December 2019
Ward, C. and Swyngedouw, E. (2018). Neoliberalisation from the Ground Up: Insurgent Capital, Regional Struggle, and the Assetisation of Land. Antipode, 50(4), pp.1077-1097

Ep 8: The UK2070 Commission 

Dr. Lucy Natarajan
November 2019
Read 'Civil Society Perspectives on Inequality: Focus Group Research Findings Report' by Dr Lucy Natarajan, Elisabeta Ilie & Dr. Hyunji Cho
See a full list of all UK2070 publications.

Ep 7: Community-led social housing regeneration

Dr. Pablo Sendra
October 2019
Download a copy of 'Assemblages for community-led social housing regeneration'.

Ep 6: Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate

Dr. Danielle Sanderson
June 2019
Download a copy of 'Occupier satisfaction and its impact on investment returns from UK commercial real estate'.

Ep 5: Circular Cities

Dr. Jo Williams
May 2019
Download a copy of 'Circular Cities' here.
Visit the Circular Cities Hub website.

Ep 4: Place Value and Place Quality

Professor Matthew Carmona
April 2019
Download a copy of the report here.
Visit the Place Alliance website.

Ep 3: Planning and Time

Professor Mike Raco
March 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 2: The Role of the Figure-Ground

Professor Michael Hebbert
February 2019
Download a copy of the report.

Ep 1: Impacts of Extending Permitted Development Rights to Office-to-Residential Housing

Dr. Ben Clifford
January 2019
Download a copy of the report.