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Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin

Dr Iqbal Hamiduddin

Lecturer in Transport Planning and Housing

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
5th Jan 2009

Research summary

My research spans the fields of transport planning, planning for housing and governance. I am particularly interested in the social impacts of different housing and transport regimes and the policy implications on well-being and social sustainability. Drawing the fields transport and housing policy together, my recently completed doctoral research examined the social impacts of residential car reduction strategies. I have also worked extensively in each subject area separately and at a range of different scales. 


In transport planning my work includes substantial roles in two projects supported under the  EU's INTERREG IVB programme. Since 2009 I have been a member of the SINTROPHER project lead partner team, coordinated from the Bartlett by Professor Sir Peter Hall, which aims to boost access between city hub and hinterland in five economically peripheral regions of North West Europe through innovative light rail. I was also a lead member of the recently completed SYNAPTIC project (2011 - 13) with Peter Hall and Robin Hickman (BSP) and Peter Jones (UCL Engineering). This established an evidence base and action plan for seamless door-to-door journey making in Europe.


Within the parameters of spatial quality set by transport infrastructure, the focus of my research on housing production is on the social and physical qualities of neighbourhoods as produced by different housing delivery processes. I am engaged in work on self-build housing in the UK which examines the practicalities, community development aspects and feasibility of different self-build housing models including collaborative or 'group build' housing approaches. I am currently leading a project supported by the UCL Grand Challenges scheme, with Nick Gallent (BSP) and John Kelsey (Bartlett School of Construction & Project Management), to explore the viability of the German Baugruppen or group-build style of approach to housing development in England (2013+).  


Examples of my recent work on governance include a pair of studies supported by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors. The first, led by Nick Gallent (BSP) looked at the role of local politics on housing land availability in England (2010-11) The second, led by Marco Bianconi (BSP) examined infrastructure delivery in England with the restructuring of sub-national governance (2011-12).

Teaching summary

I lead or contribute to the following modules:



ENVS1015 - Planning History and Thought (coordinator)

ENVS3029 - Transport Policy and Planning (contributor)

ENVS2050 - Beyond Cities: rural economies, communities and landscapes (coordinator)



BENVGTP2 - Transport in Emerging Countries (coordinator)


I am also a personal tutor, PhD Supervisor and MSc dissertation supervisor.


University College London
PhD, Planning studies | 2013
University of Durham
BA, Geography | 1999