The Bartlett School of Planning

Dr Elisabete Pires Cidre

Dr Elisabete Pires Cidre

Principal Teaching Fellow

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
26th Sep 2005

Research summary

My research and working interests focus on: urban design (policy, practice and education), urban heritage conservation, the role of public space in placemaking and placeshaping, and on reflective learning procedures in built environment academia. My pedagogical research is closely linked to my teaching practice and managerial leadership duties in the School of Planning. As such, my innovative research projects aim at creating a better and more appropriate learning environment for our students as well as supporting their learning experience. Latest key outputs include:

Cidre, E. M. P. (2016). How emergent is pedagogical practice in urban design?. In Journal of Urban Design 21(5): 535-539. 

Cidre, E. M. P., Nardella, B. M. (2016). Interrogating communities of expertise on urban conservation and development past and future of 'public and open spaces' in the old city of Tunis. In Labadi S, Logan W (Eds.) Urban Heritage, Development and Sustainability: International Frameworks, National and Local Governance (pp. 57-79). Routledge.

Cidre, E. M. P. (2015). A Discursive Narrative on Planning for Urban Heritage Conservation in Contemporary World Heritage Cities in Portugal. In European Spatial Research and Policy 22(2): 37-56. 

Cidre, E. M. P. (2014). Developing Good Practice: using technology embedded learning methods and e-resources. In RTPI Education News January 2014(4): 2-3.

Cidre, E. M. P. (2014). Urban design as a tool in urban conservation, and urban conservation as a tool in urban design research. In Carmona M (Ed.), Explorations in urban design: an urban design research primer (pp.311-318). Ashgate.

Teaching summary

[NEW module]:

BENVGURA: Planning discourses for urban development in historic cities and neighbourhoods

[2004 - to date]:

ENVS 1017: Urban Lab I: Graphic Skills
ENVS 1018: Introducing Urban Design: Design Skills 

ENVS 3016: Urban Design: Space and Place


ENVS 1019: Making Cities: the Production of the Built Environment (2004-2014)
BENVGTC9: Critical Debates in Planning (2010-2011) 

BENVGTC2: Urban Design: Design Process (2009-2010)

BENVGTC8: Individual Professional Project (2007-2008)

ENVS 2018 and 3022: Project X  (2004-2006 and 2009)

ENVS 2130: Planning and Landscape Design (2000-2004)


University College London
, | 2012
University of London
, | 2010
University College London
, | 2009
Universidade do Porto
, | 1996


I am educated as an architect and urban designer (in Portugal) and as a planner (in the UK). I am Book Reviews/Practice Notes Editor of the Journal of Urban Design, a Fellow of the HEA, a Chartered Architect of the Architects Guild in Portugal (Ordem dos Arquitectos) and a Member of RTPI Historic Environment Group, the TCPA, and the AESOP YA-Net. I am Principal Teaching Fellow in Urban Design at the Bartlett School of Planning and Director of Undergraduate Programmes since 2011. I am currently doing research in the pedagogy of using technology resources and tools in urban design teaching. My research is funded by the Higher Education Academy (HEA), UCL e-Learning, the UCL Centre for the Advancement of Teaching and Learning (CALT), and by the Bartlett School of Planning. My PhD in Town Planning and Urban Design looks at planning for public realm conservation, namely in the World Heritage cities in Portugal. Key dissertations include:

Cidre, E. M. P. (2012). Academic Identity in the Built Environment academia: the Planner's realm. PG Diploma in Education dissertation. University College London.

Cidre, E. M. P. (2010). Planning for public realm conservation: the case of Portugal’s World Heritage Cities. PhD thesis. University of London.

Cidre, E. M. P. (2009). Project-based and research-led course structure and assessment in production of the built environment academia. PG Certificate in Higher Education dissertation. University College London.