The Bartlett School of Planning

Prof Fulong Wu

Prof Fulong Wu

Bartlett Chair of Planning

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
1st Sep 2011

Research summary

Urban Geography

- Migration and social integration

- Spatial inequalities and residential segregation

- Suburbanisation and suburbanism 

- Neighbourhood changes and governance

- Urban poverty and deprivation

China Urban Studies

- Rural migrants in urban China, for social integration

- Chinese land and housing development, peculiarity and politics

- Chinese urban neighbourhoods, distinctive typology

- China model, a critique of neoliberalism

- Chinese regional governance, understanding its system

- Planning Chinese cities, for China, enriching the Western perspective

Secondary interests

- governing innovation: a critique of the 'mainstream'

- eco-urbanism and environmental governance 

Teaching summary

Comparative Urban Projects, Critical Debate in International Planning, Case Studies in Preparing Regeneration Projects

Minor teaching in: Comparative Planning Systems and Cultures, Contemporary Cities


Fulong Wu is Bartlett Professor of Planning at University College London. His research interests include urban development in China and its social and sustainable challenges. He has recently published a book, Planning for Growth: Urban and Regional Planning in China (2015, Routledge). He was awarded 2013 Outstanding International Impact Prize by UK ESRC. He has previously taught at Cardiff University and the University of Southampton. 

Bartlett Professor of Planning is a position previously held by Sir Patrick Abercrombie, Sir William Holford, Lord Richard Llewelyn-Davies, Sir Peter Hall and, most recently, Mike Batty FRS. Professor Wu’s prestigious appointment since 2011 presents the opportunity for the Bartlett School of Planning to redefine the planning discipline in global terms for a new generation.


巴特雷特规划教授历任为Patrick Abercrombie 爵士(主持“大伦敦规划”)William Holford 爵士(1947 年英国城乡规划法起草者、堪培拉的规划者)Richard Llewelyn-Davies 勋爵 (英国新城米尔顿凯恩斯的设计者)Peter Hall (彼得.霍尔)爵士、和Mike Batty教授(英国皇家科学院院士)。自2011年起的重要任命给巴特雷规划学院带来在全球意义下重新定义新一代规划的机遇,标志着中国城市和规划研究在世界主流学界确立地位。