The Bartlett School of Planning

Dr Sonia Arbaci Sallazzaro

Dr Sonia Arbaci Sallazzaro

Associate Professor

The Bartlett School of Planning

Faculty of the Built Environment

Joined UCL
23rd Sep 2003

Research summary

I am interested in International comparative studies from a variety of disciplines and perspectives, with a particular attention to (Southern) European cities. My research foci on ethnic residential segregation and the role of the state in the production of inequality sit between a broader understanding of the various European housing systems and welfare regimes, and the impact ofurban policies and regeneration programmes in relation to mechanisms of redistribution and of marginalisation. 

My interest in urban processes ranges from the production of the built environment to urban and social changes (e.g. gentrification, peripheralisation, etc.), and with a critical look at policies for social and tenure mixing, de-segregation, and lately on financialisation of social housing.

Between 2012 and 2014 I have developed a research project on ‘’DiverCities: Neighbourhood interventions, and social and ethnic mix: the tackling of urban inequalities’’ funded by the Marie Curie Programme (FP7 – PEOPLE Intra-European fellowship) and hosted at the Pompeu Fabra University, Dept. of Political and Social Science, Barcelona.

II have been collaborating with

-  University of Lisbon, ISCTE-IUL in COST ACTION / European Cooperation in Science and Technology, on the MCMH-EU project "European Middle-Class Mass Housing" (CA 18137);

- Complutense University of Madrid + University of Barcelona in the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation + EU Social Funds projects: (i) COMPORED (Changes in residential patterns and housing provision in large Spanish cities), (ii) VUPACI (Vulnerability, Participation and citizenship), and (iii) CAMVIVSOC (Impact of changes in production regimes and access to housing on the social restructuring of Spanish cities);

- CIDOB, Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, in a RecerCaixa project "Casa Nostra, Casa Vostra" (Housing Trajectories - Asylum seekers and Refugees in Catalunya);

- Mataro City Council, housing Department, in a EU URBAN INNOVATIVE ACTION (UIA) project "Yes we rent!" (Leveraging Vacant Private Property for Cooperative Affordable housing Scheme);

- Academy of Finland, in a Strategic Research Council project UMRI (Urbanisation, Mobilities and Immgration);

- Institut d' Urbanisme de Paris and Complutense University of Madrid on Local housing policies in six European capitals;

- Cities & Migration Working Group (UCL Grand Challenges);

- London Borough of Redbridge on Mixed-tenure neighbourhoods in London;

- Autonomous University of Barcelona on Social inequality and urban regeneration in Barcelona City-centre;

- Complutense University of Madrid on Regressive renewal programmes, rent gap-driven, state-led production of inequality in Southern European cities.

Teaching summary

I have been teaching at both Undergraduate and Postgraduate level at the Bartlett School of Planning:

BPLN0006 - Plan-Making Studio II (MPlan in City Planning)

BPLN0046 - International Planning Project (MSc in International Planning)

BPLN0020 - Critical Debates in Housing Development (MSc in Housing and City Planning)


ENVS2010 – Strategic Planning Project

ENVS2019 Production of the Built Environment (BSc Urban Studies)

I am the Director of MSc in International Planning.


University College London
PhD, Planning studies | 2007
Politecnico di Milano
MArch, Architecture | 1995


I am a Associate Professor in Spatial Planning at the Bartlett School of Planning, University College London and my career spans the field of education and professional practices. 

I have a wide appreciation of planning, housing, social and urban issues, having worked for both public and private sector as a chartered practitioner Architect and city Planner in Italy, Spain, Portugal, UK and USA (NY), and having researched and taught in several European countries.