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22 Health, Safety and Security

Health, Safety and Security - published for 2023-24

22.1 UCL Health, Safety and Security information

Health, Safety and Security at UCL

UCL’s overall objective is to provide and maintain a safe and healthy environment for staff, students, people who work with UCL and those who visit. Health and safety is an integral part of the way in which UCL’s activities are managed and conducted.

There are three departments that work together to provide a comprehensive system to provide the safe and healthy environment:
1)    UCL Security, who cover everything from ID cards and access to our buildings to lost property and keeping people safe who work out of hours;
2)    UCL Safety Services, who manage the safety management system including providing advice for risk assessments to training people to work with radioactive samples;
3)    UCL Estates who ensure the buildings and sites are safe, including managing contractors, building works and access to equipment such as defibrillators. 

In an emergency:
Please call 020 7679 2222 or UCL extension 222 from any UCL phone, before ringing 999. This allows the security team to direct the emergency services to the correct location. 

If you are off the Bloomsbury campus, call 999 and request the appropriate service (police, ambulance or fire brigade).

Safezone App:
SafeZone is an app available to all UCL students and staff to make it easier for you to contact UCL Security directly from your mobile device. Landlines at UCL can still contact security by dialling '222'.
Further information:

22.2 Health and Safety information concerning the department

The Institute has a Health and Safety policy and code of practice, which provides guidance on laboratory work, etc. and is revised annually (see copy on IoA intranet or contact Sandra Bond or Jo Dullaghan). All work undertaken in the Institute is governed by these guidelines and students have a duty to be aware of them and to adhere to them at all times. This is particularly important in the context of any laboratory, fieldtrips/fieldwork which will be undertaken as part of your degree. Please consult the Departmental Safety Officer, Sandra Bond, and/or see: https://www.ucl.ac.uk/safety-services/a-z/off-site-working