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11 Changes to Registration Status

Changes to registration status - published for 2023-24

11.1 Information on how to change, interrupt or withdraw from a programme  

Changes to Registration 
Students wishing to make changes to their registration status should first discuss their plans with their Personal Tutor or Supervisor who can explain the options available and help students to make the right decision. Students should also ensure that they read the relevant sections of the UCL Academic Manual before making any requests to change their academic record. 

Applications must be made in advance of the effective date of change. 

11.1.1 Changing programme 

If a student wishes to transfer from one UCL degree programme to another, they must make a formal application. The usual deadline for change of degree programme during the academic session is the end of October each year (for students registering in September, with a later date for students registering in January) to be compatible with module selection deadlines, although later transfers may be possible, where the transfer does not affect module selections. Students should log in to their Portico account and complete the online application. Students are strongly advised to discuss their plan with the departments involved before requesting a change of programme on Portico. 

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11.1.2 Interruption of studies 

If a student requires a temporary break from their studies and plans to resume their programme at a future date, they must apply for a formal Interruption of Study. 

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11.1.3 Withdrawing from a programme 

If a student wishes to leave their degree programme prior to completing their final examinations they must apply for a formal withdrawal from their studies. Applications must be made in advance of the effective date of change. Students should log in to their Portico account and complete the online application. 

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11.1.4 Informing the Student Loans Company of changes to your student status 

If a student makes a change to their programme or registration status during the course of the academic year, it is important that the Student Loans Company (SLC) is notified. The SLC can then re-assess and update its records. Changes could include a student withdrawing from their academic programme, an interruption in studies or transferring to a new programme. The SLC must also be notified when there is a change in mode of study or when a student has returned from an interruption. 

To inform the SLC of a change in your student status, a Change of Circumstance (CoC) form must be completed online by your Faculty. See the Key Contacts section for details of who to contact in the Faculty if you require a CoC form to be submitted on your behalf or if you have any related queries. 

11.2 Key contacts in the department and faculty for assistance with any of the above 

Please contact Judy Medrington if you wish to withdraw from, change  or interrupt your course.