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20 Volunteering Services

Volunteering Services - published for 2023-24

20.1 About Volunteering Services, who they are and how a student can find out more or become involved 

Volunteering Services

The Volunteering Service at Students’ Union UCL exists to connect UCL students with London’s Voluntary and Community Sector, primarily through volunteering. It’s one of the largest volunteering teams in UK Higher Education, meaning that UCL students have access to opportunities that their peers in other universities often do not. 

The Service runs three main programmes:
Partnerships - linking students with volunteering opportunities within their network of around 350 community partners.
Student-led Projects - supporting students to set up and run their own community projects.
Community Research Initiative - connecting master’s students with community organisations for collaborative research and Knowledge Exchange projects that form their dissertations.

Through community volunteering, students develop new skills and learn how to enact change in the wider world. UCL Student volunteers also report positive benefits on their academic study and well-being.

The Volunteering Service’s opportunities can be found on its online directory, where students can search for roles related to their academic studies, by skills developed or by cause. There are plenty of one-off and flexible vacancies that students can fit around their studies and other commitments.

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