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Lorna's Medieval Christmas: listen to Lorna on BBC Radio 3!

14 December 2022

Lorna wears a christmas hat. Behind her is a backgroundof carol singers wearing red clothes and reading sheet music. There is text at the top of the photo reading 'Lorna's Medieval Corner: Medieval Christmas Carols''

On Sunday 11th December, Archaeologist Lorna Webb from Archaeology South-East spoke on BBC radio 3 about Christmas Carols in the Medieval period. Lorna looks at ‘There is No Rose’ (a classic Medieval text found in a manuscript so big that is had to be sewn together!), the 12 nights of Christmas (including the 12th night of ‘misrule’), medieval 'scrapbooks', and more...

Tune into the BBC Sounds Radio 3 recording here, and skip to 6:15 to hear from Lorna!

Cover image background of carols singers: https://www.shutterstock.com/image-photo/bristol-uk-november-7-2014-600w-767401825.jpg, made available through Shutterstock editorial use.