Archaeology South-East


Our Services

Archaeology South-East offers a full range of archaeological services, which have been tailored to meet the demands of the construction industry within the context of the UK planning system, although we are flexible and can adapt our approach depending on your service requirements. We work with councils and developers to ensure that archaeological remains are preserved through record before work begins on new development schemes. 


Excavation and Fieldwork

We offer a variety of practical archaeological services drawing on a wealth of local understanding and advanced recording technologies to offer the best solution for our clients.

Archaeology South East

Post-Excavation and Specialist Services

We provide a variety of post-excavation and specialist services utilising an extensive range of in-house expertise in order to disseminate the findings of our archaeological work.

Archaeology South East

Historic Environment and Built Heritage

We offer an extensive range of historic environment services and expertise to help our clients assess and manage their development sites through the planning process.