Archaeology South-East


Meet Our Staff

Archaeology South-East offers a comprehensive range of research services in archaeology and heritage management, delivered by the professional staff of Britain's leading university department of Archaeology. We have been helping construction industry clients and local communities make sense of the historic environment for over forty years.


Excavation and Fieldwork Team

Our excavation and fieldwork team undertakes grant and commercial funded projects within the UK and internationally. All of our staff carry CSCS cards, and have appropriate construction industry experience and training for the work they undertake.


Post-Excavation and Specialist Team

High standard reports, illustrations and photographs are just some of the specialist services that we provide to a number of clients within the UK and internationally.

Battersea Power Station

Historic Environment and Built Heritage Team

We offer an extensive range of historic environment services and expertise to help our clients assess and manage their development sites through the planning process.

Archaeology South-East - University College London - Dominic Perring
I am lucky to work within one of the world’s leading research Universities, having spent fifty years learning my archaeological tradecraft world-wide. The most important part of my job is making sure that we have the right balance of skills for the work that we do. ASE works in an incredibly diverse and fast-changing area of research, drawing on a wide range of technical and practical skills. Our fieldwork relies on a quick thinking ability to draw preliminary conclusions from fragmentary clues, supported by the hard investigative science of lab work. The results need to be presented clearly and concisely to diverse audiences, informed by the latest academic research. Above all we need to meet the needs of the job: on time, to specification and to budget. Good archaeological results are the result of carefully managed programmes of research, undertaken by staff properly equipped and trained for the job. This is what the ASE team strives to deliver.


Dominic Perring is Director of the Centre for Applied Archaeology and Archaeology South-East, and Professorial Research Associate at the UCL Institute of Archaeology.