Archaeology South-East


About ASE

We believe successful archaeology is not just about recording the past, but about understanding the needs of the present. We endeavour not only to explore ancient landscapes, but engage with the people who live and work in those landscapes today.

Archaeology South East
Archaeology South-East (ASE) is the commercial archaeology division of the Institute of Archaeology at UCL. We operate across the south-east from three offices; our main offices in Portslade (near Brighton, East Sussex) and Witham (Essex), and a further base on the UCL campus in central London. Office locations and information can be found on our Contact Us page.

ASE has been in operation since the early 1970s (previously the Institute of Archaeology's Field Archaeology Unit). We work with developers, government agencies, local communities and a range of external and staff specialists to make sense of the past. We approach all work in a strategic manner in order to offer clear explanations and practical advice based on an understanding of all aspects of the historic environment. We believe in doing the job right, meeting the needs of our clients, and giving something back to the people whose past we have the privilege to explore. Our professional reputation rests on the skills of our staff, whom we train and support as fully as we can.