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Community Engagement

Archaeology South-East
Archaeology is an excellent way of engaging with local communities and their heritage. It can create a deeper understanding of a community's interaction with their environment and landscape. ASE's team of enthusiastic experts can help you develop links, suggest the appropriate methodologies, and provide broader context for the work you are doing.

ASE has a proven track record of designing and delivering outreach programmes. These programmes range from talks to local societies, classroom visits to local schools, period-specific loan boxes and open days. ASE works alongside developers, local government, volunteer groups, heritage organisations and special interest groups to develop stronger links with the communities they are working in. You can see more of what we have been involved with on our Blog page and Archive.

In addition to our in-house team of community archaeologists, we also benefit from the advice of our Principal Consultant Mike Corbishley and his team at the Centre for Applied Archaeology. We offer advice on outreach and education policies, and can organize training courses, workshops and conferences.