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Welcome to our podcast, Archaeology South-East Digs Deeper!

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Each episode, we dig into the world of development-led archaeology! Each episode you'll find us...
  • Discussing new archaeological discoveries
  • Talking to ASE archaeologists about their day-to-day roles
  • Demystifying the archaeological process
  • Tackling issues affecting our sector

You can find ASE Digs Deeper wherever you get your podcasts. Click the links below to listen on Soundcloud, and to find more information and resources for each episode.


Latest episode

Episode 11: Women's (Medieval) History Month, with Lorna Webb. How are women represented in Early Medieval/ Old English literature? For Women's History Month, Lorna tells us all about how women are depicted in these writings.

Previous episodes

Special Episode! The Seaford Head Project: Policy and Practitioner Discussion. We’re taking you along for a fascinating discussion about heritage loss as part of The Seaford Head Project. Featuring leading heritage practitioners and local councillors from Seaford, East Sussex.

Episode 10: Digging with Pride, with Silvia Lingham. It’s Pride month! Silvia is a non-binary trans feminine bisexual archaeologist working with our field team in Essex. They talk about what it’s like to explore your gender identity while working in archaeology, and the unique perspective this gives them when thinking about the past.

Episode 9: London in the Roman World, with Dominic Perring. This episode we welcome ASE’s former director to the podcast to talk about his new book ‘London in the Roman World’. We discuss the essential contribution of development-led archaeology to his research .

Episode 8: Archaeology Placement Year at ASE, with Alex Allen. UCL Institute of Archaeology third year student Alex talks about his placement year at ASE. This is part of his BA Archaeology with Placement Year at the IoA.

Episode 7: The Whitehawk Camp Community Project, with Jon Sygrave. ASE project manager Jon explores the archaeology of a Neolithic Causewayed Enclosure in Brighton.

Episode 6: The Delphi Project, with Sarah Wolferstan and Jelena Wehr. This episode welcomes two(!) guests to talk about the Delphi Project! This is an Erasmus+ project dealing with Heritage Interpretation.

Episode 5: The RESPECT Campaign, with Kayt Hawkins. This episode Kayt talks about the BAJR Respect campaign, tackling sexual harassment in archaeology.

Episode 4: The Walberton Warrior, with Teresa Vieira. Join us to chat about Iron Age 'warrior' burials, especially one recently discovered in Walberton, west Sussex.

Episode 3: Historic Buildings, with Michael Shapland. This two part episode asks whether buildings have souls in Part 1, and then takes the Brighton Dome as a case study in Part 2.

Episode 2: Archaeology and Outreach, with Simon Stevens. Simon talks to Emily about archaeology past and present, including his outreach/ research projects on postmedieval cottages and Wealden iron smelting.

Episode 1: The Red Lion Playhouse, with Stephen White. For our podcast's maiden voyage, we're talking about our discovery of the 16th century Red Lion Playhouse, a 'prototype' thought lost for centuries.