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Excavation and Fieldwork Team

Our excavation and fieldwork team undertakes grant and commercial funded projects within the UK and internationally. All of our staff carry CSCS cards, and have appropriate construction industry experience and training for the work they undertake.



Darryl Palmer, Assistant Director

Darryl Palmer, BA

Darryl Palmer is Assistant Director and Head of Fieldwork Services. After graduating in from the University of Chester in 1994 Darryl was in continuous employment as both an archaeological site assistant and a site supervisor working on the archaeological circuit around the UK. During this time Darryl also worked overseas on projects in Lebanon, Sudan and Spain before settling in London and working his way up to project manager at AOC Archaeology.

Darryl has been with ASE since 2004, with responsibility for the fieldwork and survey services. He is an experienced project manager, leading on a wide range of archaeological fieldwork projects and programmes, with an excellent record of delivering to budget and timetable. His experience includes the management of large scale programmes of archaeological fieldwork for both infrastructure and residential developments from initial costing through to the planning and delivery in the field. Darry is also Departmental Safety Officer and takes lead on Health and Safety management at ASE.

Key projects and publications

  • Residential Development at Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, West Sussex: Management of six year programme of archaeological Works on a large housing scheme in a mutli-period landscape.
  • Taraz, Kazakhstan: Set up and management of the excavation of a Silk Road site in Taraz on the Southern border of Kazakhstan working in partnership with a local archaeological organisation.
  • Grain to Shorne Pipeline, Isle of Grain, Kent: Management of all archaeological works and their implementation along 21km pipeline route.
  • Snodland, Kent: Management of archaeological excavation ahead of housing development on the site of Snodland Roman Villa complex.
Direct telephone: 01273 426830
Mobile telephone: 07841 453001 
E-mail: darryl.palmer@ucl.ac.uk
Andrew Leonard, Project Manager (London)

Andrew Leonard, BA, MCIfA

Field of expertise

Archaeological Project Management.

Key projects and publications

  • Wick Lane, Hackney (2018): Two month excavation following evaluation in 2017 by Archaeology South-East. The excavations uncovered a large chalk and ragstone building, interpreted as a tripartite medieval hall with associated auxiliary chalk buildings.
  • Benjamin Street, Islington (2017): Two month excavation on land within the precinct of the Hospitaller Priory of St John of Jerusalem. Most activity comprised a series of very large cess pits which contained substantial amounts of tile, indicating some association between the priory and the tile industry.
  • London School of Economics, Westminster (2016): Four month excavation involving twenty archaeologists ahead of the LSE’s redevelopment of its Centre Buildings. The investigation revealed primarily middle Saxon activity on the fringes of Lundenwic to be published in LAMAS.
  • Coppermill Lock, Hillingdon (2015): Three month excavation on a multiphase post-medieval industrial site, spanning the late 18th century to mid-19th century.
  • Queens Chapel of the Savoy, Westminster (2012): Five month excavation of 18th and 19th century burial ground to the rear of the Savoy Hotel in Westminster leading to publication by monograph.

Direct telephone: 01273 426833
Mobile telephone: 07841 453005
E-mail: andy.leonard@ucl.ac.uk

Paul Mason, Project Manager (Sussex)

Paul Mason BA, MRes

Field of expertise

Medieval and post-medieval urban archaeology; Industrial archaeology; Monastic archaeology; Historical Archaeology of the East India Company.

Key projects and publications

  • Mason, P, Chapman, A, & Unwin, J, 2019 Excavations on the Site of the Portobello Cutlery Works and Adjacent Court Housing, Sheffield, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, 91:1, 71-110
  • Mason, P, 2018 A Historical Archaeology Approach to the Study of the East India Company’s 17th Century Malabar Factories, Indian Journal of Archaeology 11
  • Mason, P, McAree, D, and Soden, I, 2017 Coventry’s Medieval Suburbs: Excavations at Hill Street, Upper Well Street and Far Gosford Street 2003-2007
  • Mason, P, 2016 Two 17th-century English factories in North Kanara, Karnataka, India: a historical archaeology perspective, Post-medieval Archaeology 50, 2, 227-243
  • Rylatt, M, and Mason, P, 2003 The Archaeology of the Medieval Cathedral and Priory of St Mary, Coventry

Direct telephone: 01273 426835
Mobile telephone: 07795 336792
E-mail: paul.mason@ucl.ac.uk

Leonie Pett, Project Manager (Sussex)

Leonie Pett

Field of expertise

Project Management; Landscape Archaeology; Heritage Consultancy.

Tel: 01273 426835
E-mail: l.pett@ucl.ac.uk

Jon Sygrave, Project Manager (Sussex)

Jon Sygrave BSc, MA, MCIfA

Field of expertise

Archaeological and Geoarchaeological Project Management from design to completion; Production of Written Schemes of Investigation and Risk and Method Statements; Report and Article Production.

Key projects

  • Chichester 2030 Pipeline Scheme (ASE 2016-18) - Designed and implemented a programme of archaeological and geoarchaeological mitigation along the corridor of a major new sewer scheme on behalf of MGJv/Southern Water. 
  • Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project, Brighton (CAA 2014-15) - Joint project with Brighton and Hove Archaeological Society and Brighton Museum & Art Gallery funded by an HLF grant of £99,300 given in January 2014 to facilitate the Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project. The project was Highly Commended by the Council for British Archaeology’s Marsh Award in 2016.   
  • Medmerry Managed Realignment, Selsey (ASE 2010-13) - The Medmerry Scheme, undertaken by the Environment Agency and its contractors, was the largest of its kind in Europe and covered a c. 500ha area, over 50ha. of which was subject to archaeological mitigation. The work included the design of mitigation strategies, management of a substantial budget, liaison between the Environment Agency, their contractors and curator to satisfy the planning condition. Discoveries included extensive Bronze Age remains relating to settlement, industry and funerary activity and a large and well preserved late medieval fish weir.  
  • Belmarsh HMP, London Borough of Greenwich (ASE 2007-8) - Management of various stages of geo-archaeological and archaeological work within the grounds of HMP Belmarsh including: the costing and presentation of the tender, planning and managing numerous phases of fieldwork, the management of a large budget, understanding and managing the various geo-archaeological sampling techniques and liaising with the client, consultant (Jacobs) and English Heritage. Discoveries from the site included an early British Neolithic trackway and important data relating to channel and peat formation.    

Select publications

  • Sygrave, J, 2016 Whitehawk Camp, The impact of a modern city’s expansion on a Neolithic Causewyaed Enclosure and a reassessment of the site and its surviving archive, Sussex Archaeological Collections, 154, 45-66
  • Sygrave, J, Barber, L, Clifford, T, Doherty, A, Forsyth, H, Le Hegarat, K, Mooney, D, Ponce, P, 2016 A Report on the outcomes of the Whitehawk Community Archaeology Project, including an updated Post-Excavation Assessment and Updated Project Design, Centre for Applied Archaeology, UCL ASE Project No: P106. Report No 2015222
  • Orange, H, Maxted, A, Sygrave, J, and Richardson, D, 2015 Whitehawk Camp Community Archaeology Project: A Report from the Archives, Archaeology International, 18, 51–55
  • Sygrave, J, 2009 Powders, Potions and Ointments, a post-medieval apothecary or druggists assemblage and the evolution of Coleman Street; excavations at 19-31 Moorgate, City of London, London EC2; The transactions of the London and Middlesex Archaeological Society (LAMAS) 60, 91-107

Direct telephone: 01273 426834
Mobile telephone: 07841 453003
E-mail: j.sygrave@ucl.ac.uk

Ed Blinkhorn, Senior Geoarchaeologist

Ed Blinkhorn

Field of expertise

Early Prehistory; Palaeolithic; Mesolithic; Hunter Gatherers; Landscape Archaeology; Geoarchaeology; Deposit Modelling; Remote Sensing; Geophysical Survey; Prospection; Lithics; Cultural Heritage Management.

Key projects and publications

  • Bello, S, Conneller, C, Blinkhorn, E, Bates, M, Duffy, S, Goral, T, Kroger, R, Little, A, Needham, A, Pope, M, Scott, R, Shaw, A, Welch, M D, in prep, Artists on the edge: An integrated approach to the study of new finds of Magdalenian art from Jersey, Channel Islands
  • Blinkhorn, E, and Little, A, 2018 Being Ritual: identifying ritual behaviour within an ephemeral material record. Journal of World Prehistory, 31(3), 403-420
  • Blinkhorn, E, and Powlesland, D, 2018 Geophysical Survey, in Milner, N, Conneller, C, and Taylor, B (eds), Star Carr Volume 2: Studies in Technology, Subsistence and Environment, 17–29
  • Blinkhorn, E, Lawton-Matthews, E, and Warren, G, 2017 ‘Digging and filling pits in the Mesolithic of England and Ireland: comparative perspectives on a widespread practice’, in Achard-Corompt, N,  Ghesquière, E, and Riquier, V (eds), Creuser au Mésolithique / Digging in the Mesolithic: Actes de la séance de la Société préhistorique française de Châlons-en-Champagne (29-30 mars 2016), Séances de la Société préhistorique française 12, 211-224
  • Blinkhorn, E, and Milner, N, 2013 Research and Conservation Framework for the Mesolithic in England
Alice Dowsett, Senior Geoarchaeologist

Alice Dowsett, BSc MSc

Field of expertise

Environmental sampling and interpretation; Auger survey and landscape investigations; Coring and borehole investigations; Trial trenching and test pits; Palaeoenvironmental research (micropalaeontology); Quaternary archaeology; Holocene archaeology; Inter-tidal archaeology.

Letty Ingrey, Senior Geoarchaeologist

Letty Ingrey BA MSc

Field of expertise

Pleistocene archaeology; Prehistoric lithics; Geoarchaeological test pits; Coring and borehole investigations; Palaeoenvironmental research; Auger survey and landscape investigations.

Matthew Pope, Senior Geoarchaeologist

Matthew Pope, BSc, PhD, FSA

Field of expertise

Palaeolithic Archaeology; Quaternary Geoarchaeology; Site Formation Processes; Early Human Behaviour; Stone Artefacts.

Key projects and publications

  • Pope, M, Gamble, C, McNabb, J, 2017 Crossing the Human Threshold: Dynamic Transformation and Persistent Places During the Late Middle Pleistocene
  • Pope, M, Blundell, L, Cutler, H, and Scott, B, 2016 Behaviour and Process in the formation of the North European Acheulean Record: Towards a Unified Palaeolithic Landscape Approach, Quaternary International
  • Pope, M, and Bates, M, 2016 Coastal and Submerged Landscapes, in White, M (ed) Lost Landscapes Of Palaeolithic  Britain
  • Scott, B, Bates, M, Bates, R, Conneller, C, Pope, M, Shaw, A, and Smith, G, 2014  A new view from La Cotte de St. Brelade, Jersey. Antiquity: A quarterly review of archaeology, 88 (339), 13-29
  • Bates, M, Pope, M, Shaw, A, Scott, B, and Schwenninger, J-L,  2013 Late Neanderthal occupation in North-West Europe: rediscovery, investigation and dating of a last glacial sediment sequence at the site of La Cotte de Saint Brelade, Jersey, Journal of Quaternary Science 316, 14-26


Lia Schurtenberger, Geoarchaeologist


Gareth Rees

Gareth Rees

James Alexander, Senior ArchaeologistChris Russel, Senior Archaeologist
Robert Cullum, Senior ArchaeologistGarrett Sheehan, Senior Archaeologist
Giles Dawkes, Senior ArchaeologistSimon Stevens, Senior Archaeologist
Adam Dyson, Senior ArchaeologistTom Simms, Senior Surveyor
Angus Forshaw, Senior ArchaeologistTeresa Vieira, Senior Archaeologist
Kieron Heard, Senior ArchaeologistSteve White, Senior Archaeologist
Ian Hogg, Senior ArchaeologistJake Wilson, Senior Archaeologist
Lucy May, Senior ArchaeologistCraig Carvey, Archaeologist
Tom Munnery, Senior Archaeologist Rachael Hills, Archaeologist
Hayley Nicholls, Senior ArchaeologistCharli Mansfield, Archaeologist
Steve Price, Senior ArchaeologistCallum McKinnon, Surveyor