Archaeology South-East


Take a tour of ASE's offices!

6 November 2020

We’re absolutely thrilled to introduce our new digital outreach project, ASE Spotlights. These short videos will give you an insight into archaeological life and practice at ASE - starting with an office tour!

Logo for ASE Spotlights - a desk lamp shines a beam of light

For our very first Spotlights video we’re giving you a tour around our offices! ASE actually has three offices; one at UCL’s Institute of Archaeology in London, one in Witham, Essex, and one in Portslade, near Brighton, the focus of this video. View it now on our YouTube channel!

You’ll be taken on a whistle-stop tour around our (socially-distanced) office, meeting archaeological colleagues and finding out about their roles.

You can expect much more from our Spotlights series in the future! Look out for 5-10 minute videos from our archaeologists taking you through aspects of both the excavation and post-excavation process. We’ve got videos lined up on subjects such as animal ‘burials’, archaeological timber recording, and more!

We hope you find these videos interesting and informative whatever your archaeological experience. Don’t forget to check the descriptions of videos for more information if you want to find out more, and you can always leave questions for our archaeologists in the comments.