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ASE’s Top Discoveries of 2020: The People of the Boxgrove Horse Butchery Site

18 December 2020

Our final Top Discovery of the year is the publication of an intensive program of research into the half a million year old Boxgrove Horse Butchery Site!

Reconstruction drawing

Back in August we celebrated the publication of The Horse Butchery Site: A high resolution record of Lower Palaeolithic hominin behaviour at Boxgrove, UK. This Spoilheap monograph was the culmination of years of intricate research into this incredibly significant site.

The site, comprising an animal carcass and evidence of stone tool making and use, offered unprecedented insights into the life of a poorly understood extinct human species as they got together to butcher a horse half a million years ago.

The research came with a new artistic rendering by Lauren Gibson of what archaeologists think the site might have looked like, based on the new evidence. View the full size reconstruction!

Read more about the research and its conclusions in the publication's press release.

And of course if that doesn't satisfy you, you can buy the book on the UCL online store!