Archaeology South-East


Castle Pinckney 2019

28 August 2019

ASE archaeologists are currently out in South Carolina, USA, excavating the American revolutionary war and civil war fort of Castle Pinckney.

Illustration of Castle Pinckney

The small masonry fortification known as Castle Pinckney was constructed by the United States government by 1810, in the harbor of Charleston, and was used very briefly as a prisoner-of-war camp and artillery position during the American Civil War.

Students from UCL's Institute of Archaeology will be excavating this fascinating site over three weeks, marking the first programme of excavations undertaken on the castle.

The investigations are taking place as part of ASE archaeologist Giles Dawkes' project "The lost fort of Castle Pinckney, South Carolina: From Revolution to Civil War". This is a joint project between Archaeology South-East (UCL Institute of Archaeology) and the University of South Carolina, funded by a research grant from the Society of Post Medieval Archaeology.