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Episode 1: The Red Lion Playhouse

For our podcast's maiden voyage, we're talking about our discovery of the 16th century Red Lion Playhouse, a 'prototype' thought lost for centuries, with host Emily and archaeologist Stephen White.

Episode 1 logo, inset of excavation of timber structure.

10 July 2020

You may have heard about it in the press - archaeologists from UCL's Archaeology South-East found the possible remains of the Red Lion Playhouse, the earliest purpose-built playhouse in London. Emily talks to Stephen White, the archaeologist leading the excavations at Whitechapel Central, about the excavation, what evidence there is for the playhouse, and what work is still to be done as we move into the next phase of the analysis!

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See the news story about the Red Lion discovery here: Archaeologists from UCL’s Archaeology South-East may have discovered London’s earliest playhouse

Don't forget to check out the 3D model of the timber structure (the possible stage of the Red Lion playhouse)