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Rosalind Franklin

UCL part of new £100 million Rosalind Franklin Institute

UCL is involved in the Rosalind Franklin Institute (RFI) – a major new £100 million investment by the government into the development of an innovative multi-disciplinary science and technology research centre. More...


Long-term stress linked to higher levels of obesity

People who suffer long-term stress may also be more prone to obesity, according to research by scientists at UCL which involved examining hair samples for levels of cortisol, a hormone which regulates the body’s response to stress. More...


Education does not protect against cognitive decline

A European-wide study published today in the journal Neuroepidemiology has found that whilst older people with a higher level of education have better memory function, it does not protect them from cognitive decline as they age. More...


Cat ownership not linked to mental health problems

New UCL research has found no link between cat ownership and psychotic symptoms, casting doubt on previous suggestions that people who grew up with cats are at higher risk of mental illness. More...


Evidence of brain damage found in former footballers

Evidence of chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a potential cause of dementia caused by repeated blows to the head, has been found in the brains of former association football (soccer) players examined at the UCL Queen Square Brain Bank. More...


27 February, 2017Antiretroviral restriction factors and mechanisms of viral evasion or counteraction
28 February, 2017UCL Division of Infection & Immunity internal speaker programme
8 March, 2017Accelerating Access to Personalised Medicine
8 March, 2017The effects of busy roads on local people
9 March, 2017Adoptive T cell therapy: From single T cells to immunity
10 March, 2017Rewired: the Brain, Art, and Innovation
13 March, 2017UCL Division of Infection & Immunity external speaker programme
14 March, 2017ALS Seminar: From flies to humans: novel insights into ALS pathogenesis
15 March, 2017MRC Prion Unit Departmental Seminar - Title tbc
20 March, 2017STS Haldane Lecture
22 March, 2017Global Health Film Screening: "Beyond the cloud" - the story of e-cigs
23 March, 2017Ageing of the immune system: Cues from the microenvironment
24 March, 2017LSHTM/UCL World TB Day Symposium
27 March, 2017BBSRC Showcase
27 March, 2017Macrophage innate responses against S.pneumoniae
6 April, 2017Role of Rho GTPases in immune cell migration
11 April, 2017ALS Seminar: title tbc
24 April, 2017Insights into innate immunity from analysing the genetics of gene expression
8 May, 2017Modulation of host endothelium by the human malaria parasite Plasmodium falciparum
17 May, 2017IMN Seminar Series: ‘Shedding light on the brainstem control of locomotion’
5 June, 2017The immunology of TB
7 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
13 June, 2017ALS Seminar: Should we target spinal microcircuits to treat ALS?
16 June, 20172017 UCL Neuroscience Symposium
19 June, 2017Cell-intrinsic defence mechanisms against HIV-1
28 June, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC
3 July, 2017Understanding cellular heterogeneity
5 July, 2017IMN Seminar Series: Title TBC

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