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Monkey brain

Old world monkey had tiny, complex brain

The brain of a 15 million year old monkey has been visualized for the first time by a team led by Professor Fred Spoor (UCL Cell & Developmental Biology). The 3D computer model shows that the brain is much smaller and has more folds than expected, supporting the idea that brain complexity can evolve before brain size in the primate family tree. More...


Commonly prescribed drugs affect decisions to harm oneself and others

Healthy people given the serotonin-enhancing antidepressant citalopram were willing to pay almost twice as much to prevent harm to themselves or others than those given placebo drugs in a moral decision-making experiment at UCL.

Hippocampus activity seen when forming event memories

Research reveals how the human brain might reconstruct past events

When remembering something from our past, we often vividly re-experience the whole episode in which it occurred. New UCL research funded by the Medical Research Council and Wellcome Trust has now revealed how this might happen in the brain. More...

Illustration of sleeping rat

Rats 'dream' paths to a brighter future

When rats rest, their brains simulate journeys to a desired future such as a tasty treat, finds new UCL research funded by the Wellcome Trust and Royal Society. More...


Cancer drug makes fruit flies live longer

Adult fruit flies given a cancer drug live 12% longer than average, according to a UCL-led study researching healthy ageing. The drug targets a specific cellular process that occurs in animals, including humans, delaying the onset of age-related deaths by slowing the ageing process. More...


6 July, 2015Changing Perspectives: 1st International Conference on Transport and Health
6 July, 2015Immunosurveillance of the liver by intravascular effector CD8+ T cells
6 July, 2015Impacts of protein oxidation on the elicitation of adaptive immune responses: implications for health and disease
6 July, 2015MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series: Novel Treatments in Huntington’s Disease
7 July, 2015Evidence into Policy: Case Studies
8 July, 2015Centre for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience speaker programme: Title TBC
8 July, 2015Developmental Neurosciences Seminar Series
8 July, 2015Division of Psychiatry seminar: Investigating psychotropic medication use in people with intellectual disability
8 July, 2015Sainsbury Wellcome Centre Seminar - Cooperation and individual action of neocortical interneurons: population cooperativity and holes in blanket inhibition
9 July, 2015Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for Dementia: an International Perspective
9 July, 2015Controlling errant T cells in autoimmune disease
9 July, 2015Data-driven models of disease progression
9 July, 2015UCL Molecular Cell Biology Symposium
9 July, 2015Westminster Health Forum Keynote Seminar: Next steps for public health and Health and Wellbeing Boards: priorities, structures and integration
9 July, 2015WIBR PhD Seminar: Single neuron computation in vivo
10 July, 2015Brain Meeting Seminar Series: The role of grid cells in navigation and memory
10 July, 2015Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for Dementia: an International Perspective (including advanced skills training / CPD)
13 July, 2015UCL Division of Infection & Immunity External Speaker Programme: Title TBC
15 July, 2015Division of Psychiatry seminar: I Can(t) Wellness and resilience, a training program for older people to maximise choice and control.
15 July, 2015Probing the Structure and Dynamics of Proteins and Protein Complexes Using Ion Mobility Mass Spectrometry
16 July, 2015Exploring the health challenges and inequalities of the new food aid system: a seminar on working with foodbanks
20 July, 2015Neural coding underlying tactile navigation
20 July, 2015Who attends Foodbank in the UK and why are they there? The impact of food poverty on health and wellbeing
21 July, 2015Longitudinal studies: maximising their value for ageing research
22 July, 2015Changing Behaviour: Scientists and Policymakers
22 July, 2015Division of Psychiatry seminar: Dopaminergic imaging in Possible Dementia with Lewy bodies: a randomised trial
31 July, 2015Brain Meeting Seminar Series: Title tbc
5 August, 2015Hypoxia and experimental models of neuroinflammation
17 August, 2015CBC Summer School 2015 Behaviour Change - Principles and Practice
28 August, 2015Challenges in Inherited Cardiovascular Disease
3 September, 2015Using zebrafish to study myelinated axons in vivo
3 September, 2015Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Title TBC
4 September, 2015Minds of Caste - An inter-disciplinary seminar on how Caste identities shape the Mind
7 September, 2015MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series: How to develop therapies for NM disease
9 September, 2015Cross-cohort research: Opportunities, challenges and examples
10 September, 2015Integrating the management of bladder dysfunction in the rehabilitation of neurological patients
15 September, 2015ALS Seminar Series: The generation of diverse motor neuronal and glial subtypes from patient-specific iPSCs: Quo Vadis ALS?
15 September, 2015Public Health England Annual Conference 2015
17 September, 2015Neuroscience Career Network: Grant Writing Workshop
6 October, 2015ALS Seminar Series: Understanding cellular heterogeneity
6 October, 2015The 1958, 1970, and Millennium British birth cohort studies: opportunities for collaboration
7 October, 2015MRC Prion Unit Events and Seminars: Title TBC
8 October, 2015Progress in rehabilitation research: what have we learned from the RCT? Where to from here?
14 October, 2015MRC Prion Unit Events and Seminars: Title TBC
19 October, 2015MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series: Muscle Homeostasis
4 November, 2015Growing up happy in England: evidence-based approaches to wellbeing and implications for policy
5 November, 2015Wolfson Institute for Biomedical Research Seminar: Title TBC
10 November, 2015ALS Seminar Series: Timing and tracking ALS: a biomarkers perspective
10 November, 2015The scarring effects of childhood bullying: Evidence from the UK’s longitudinal studies
12 November, 2015CNR@UCLP Seminar Series 2015: Title TBC
13 November, 2015Public Health Science: A National Conference Dedicated to New Research in UK Public Health
16 November, 2015MRC Centre for Neuromuscular Diseases Seminar Series: Axonal signalling endosomes: trafficking sorting and disease
1 December, 2015ALS Seminar Series: Autophagy in ALS
10 December, 2015Therapy for cognitive impairment in TBI
12 January, 2016ALS Seminar Series: The tale of two motor cortices: do BA4a and BA4p have different functions in ALS?
9 February, 2016ALS Seminar Series: Shredding light on dynein-based cargo transport in vitro and in vivo

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