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The MRC funded EPICure studies are longitudinal cohort studies of babies born at extremely low gestational ages across the country in 1995 and in 2006. To date, follow up for the cohort has been through to 19 years and to 3 years for the 2006 cohort.  

EPICure@19 is the latest follow up phase of the UK's longest running population study of extreme prematurity. The young people in our cohort have been with the study for almost 20 years now. EPICure@19 opened officially on Feb 17 2014 and will continue to collect data till early Spring 2015. The on-going EPICure@19 assessment will allow the investigators to gather important longitudinal data on how these young people and a control group have met with the challenge of growing into adults.  

EPICure is a series of studies of survival and later health among babies and young people who were born at extremely low gestations – from 22 to 26 weeks. This site describes the studies and gives access to some of the published results. It is designed for public and professional use.


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