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You can support radical change in the care of the specific health needs of women and their babies by investing in the IfWH. Better lives for women and babies across the world

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Donors who invest in the Institute, in its people, its projects and its spaces, will nurture one of the world's most ambitious, and pioneering communities for women's health, which has been responsible for important breakthroughs across the spectrum of women's health. 

Your investment will transform the landscape for women and babies worldwide, for their families, their communities, and their economies. 

We would be delighted to talk to you about how you can be part of the women's health revolution:

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"I am struck by the high quality of the Institute's work, feeding into national recommendations, funded by major national and international grant giving bodies, and delivering novel methods to improve clinical outcomes in Women's Health."

Professor Donald Peebles (Former Divisional Clinical Director for Women's Health, UCLH)

How Your Donations have helped so far

A private donation of £5,000 allowed me to fund specialist fluorescent imaging techniques of the amniotic membrane that surrounds the baby in the womb. We identified a cellular mechanism to explain why it fails to heal after trauma. This data is being used to support a large application to a major funder to develop novel techniques to heal the amniotic membrane after trauma.


Professor Anna David, Dept of Maternal & Fetal Medicine

A private donation of £2,000 has enabled us to generate in vitro pilot data to determine why the bones of children with the genetic disease osteogenesis imperfecta break easily. These data were used to underpin our application to the Medical Research Council, which funded further work to develop a therapeutic to counteract these effects and improve the quality of life of children with this disease.


Professor Pascale Guillot, Dept. of Maternal & Fetal Medicine

We developed website Contraception Choices to help women choose the best contraceptive method for them.  It is very popular with women, doctors and nurses and is promoted by the NHS.  A donation  enabled us to discover how our website, designed for women in the UK, could be adapted for women in Botswana, Africa, where the choice of contraceptive method is complicated by very high rates of HIV infection.


Professor Judith Stephenson, Dept. Reproductive Health


Donations to our research are being used to develop global principles for care for parents who experience pregnancy loss.  We can better investigate and present unexplained pregnancy loss linked to undiagnosed diabetes and study genetic links between pre-eclampsia and perinatal mental health


Professor Dimitrios Siassakos, Dept. Maternal & Fetal Medicine

Losing our daughter, Shoshana, to stillbirth was devastating. The pain of your chid dying is immeasurable and we will never fully recover from it.  Through funding the work of Professor David and her team, we hope to ensure that other parents do not have to suffer, as we have done.  More importantly we want other children to have the opportunity to grow up happy and healthy, in a way that Shoshana never had the opportunity to do  Antonia Mitchell Glynn and Simon Glynn, The Mitchell Charitable Trust

The Office of the Vice-President (Advancement)  

UCL’s Office of the Vice-President (Advancement) works directly with the 200-strong academic and research community at the UCL EGA Institute for Women's Health to develop an active worldwide network of friends and supporters. 

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