EGA Institute for Women's Health


Current research students

Current research students within the Research Department of Reproductive Health

Supervised by Mr Ertan Saridogan

Women's Health Division, Reproductive Surgery, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust 

NameProject title
Neerujah BalachandrenProject title


Supervised by Prof Gerard Conway

Women's Health Division - Gynaecology, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust


NameProject title
Elisabeth BurtProject title


Supervised by Dr Paul Hardiman

Research Group: Translational Ovarian Physiology & Pathophysiology

NameProject title
Meeladah GhaniProject title


Supervised by Prof Eric Jauniaux

Research Group: Early Placentation Disorders

NameProject title
Sania Latif 


Supervised by Prof Joyce Harper

Research Group: Embryology, IVF and Reproductive Genetics

NameProject title
Alegria Vaz MouyalJewish Perspectives to Fertility treatments


Supervised by Dr Davor Jurkovic

Women's Health Division - Gynaecology, University College London Hospitals NHS Trust

NameProject title
Prubpreet ChaggerProject title
William DooleyProject title
Maria MemtsaVariations in the organisation of Early Pregnancy Assessment Units in the UK and their effects on clinical, service and patient-centred outcomes
Elisabeth BeanProject title
Michael Wong Project title

Supervised by Dr Sioban SenGupta

Research Group: Preimplantation Genetics

NameProject title
Xuhui SunInvestigation of the correlation between chromosomal anomaly and preimplantation development of human embryos
Xavier Vinals GonzalezEfficiency of modulation contrast microscopy image analysis as a predictive tool for human oocyte quality
Arwa AlmutlaqMiRNA Expression in Human Blastocysts


Supervised by Professor Judith Stephenson

Research Group: Sexual and Reproductive Health

NameProject title
Sue MannProject title
Caitlin BawnProject Title
Annette ThwaitesContraception After IVF


Fomer research students (Alumni)

NameProject title
Bola GraceSocioeconomic Trends in Fertility
Angela PereiraThe role of thrombogenic factors and factor XIII in recurrent pregnancy failure