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UCL EGA Institute for Women's Health - better lives for women and babies across the world.

At the IfWH  we are committed both to advancing women's health in the reproductive sense and to advancing the overall health of women in the broader sense which recognises that women's experiences of many major diseases such as - cardiovascular diseases and cancer, differ from those of men.   

Reflecting this our work increasingly addresses this wider interest. 

  • Research considering the health of women in pregnancy conditions that lead on to adult onset disease such as heart attack, stroke
  • Studies of preconception health that may predispose to long term disease
  • Work on gestational diabetes as a precursor to Type 2 diabetes in later life
  • Work studying the impact of FGR on maternal cardiac function and later onset cardiac disease


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Our mission

To bring together the expertise of clinicians and researchers from a diverse range of disciplines so that they can deliver excellence and innovation in research, clinical practice, education and training in order to make a real and sustainable difference to women's and babies’ health locally, nationally and worldwide.



We have four research departments, and a commitment to global health runs through all our research. We believe that impactful research requires researchers to engage directly with women and patients and we have expertise in qualitative research

EGA IfWH Staff and Students
Athena Swan



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Funnelback feed: https://cms-feed.ucl.ac.uk/s/search.json?collection=drupal-population-he...'s+Health%22Double click the feed URL above to edit