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Working For Women, Working Against Cancer

The Department of Women’s Cancer, headed by Dr Anne Lanceley, has an exceptionally talented group of academics and clinicians dedicated to the Department’s mission which is to conduct multidisciplinary research into women specific cancers, to create clinical interventions and to extend disease knowledge so that fewer women receive a cancer diagnosis and treatment and quality of life are improved for those who do.

In order to achieve this, we are not only a tertiary referral centre for gynaecological cancers treating between 400 and 500 women with primary gynaecological cancers but we also have developed an integrated research pathway including all women specific cancers for risk stratification, prevention, early detection and diagnosis, which incorporates clinical, epidemiological, genetic, epigenetic, proteomic, symptom and imaging data, and applies them to populations

Translational Research Centre

Translational Research Centre

The Translational Research Centre within the Department of Women’s Cancer, IfWH, has a specialist interest in increasing understanding of the development of women specific cancer, both in women who inherit known genetic mutations, but also in the vast majority of women who do not.

Cancer Proteomics Group

Cander Proteomics Group

Our major research themes are the identification of cancer biomarkers and understanding the molecular basis of carcinogenesis through the application of quantitative proteomic technologies and other molecular biology techniques.

Patient Care Research Group

Patient Care Research Group

This initiative began in 2008 to help integrate psychosocial research into the work of the Department of Women’s Cancer. Close collaboration between Anne and her Consultant Clinical Psychologist colleague Dr. Sue Gessler has established a programme of work with a team of doctoral and post doctoral research fellows.

Research Students

Current Research Students

Explore the list of research students within our Research Department of Women's Cancer and visit their profiles.