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It All Starts Here - EGA IfWH Institute for Women's Health Podcast

Season One is here!

This podcast is about all things reproductive science and women's health - but in a easy to understand way. Because everyone should have access to this information, no matter what your background. 

Welcome to our bi-weekly podcast series, It All Starts Here, hosted & founded by Olivia Moir. This podcast aims to bring awareness to critical topics in the fields of reproductive science and women’s health – topics that are often not discussed enough. Each episode features a researcher or clinician affiliated with the EGA Institute for Women's Health, who discusses their passions and work, offering pieces of advice for our listeners. We will cover a range of topics and will focus on creating content that is understandable to individuals from all levels of education and backgrounds - no science experience required! 

About the Host 

Olivia is a master's student here at the EGA IfWH at UCL, completing a Masters of Research degree in Reproductive Science and Women's Health. Originally from Toronto, Canada, she moved to London in September of 2022, following completion of her Honours BSc specializing in Genetics at Western University in London, Canada. She has spent the last few years completing research on fetal developmental physiology at The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada and at the University of South Australia in Adelaide, Australia. Here at UCL, she continues to pursue research in the field of maternal-fetal medicine, focusing on molecular interactions and pathways across the fetal-placental unit through her research project supervised by Dr Owen Vaughan. 


Olivia started this podcast because one thing has become very clear to her: there is loads of incredible research and work that goes on around the world, with invaluable applications for our health, but the communication of this is nowhere near as effective as it should be. This podcast aims to close this gap, helping individuals and communities learn about topics in reproductive science and women's health with evidence-based information and important discussions.

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