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Aisha Carroll (a.carroll@ucl.ac.uk) is the HR Manager for the Division of Medicine (G1, Rayne Building) and Anita Gorasia (a.gorasia@ucl.ac.uk) is the HR Administrator for the WIBR (1st floor Royal Free). Initial HR queries should be directed to Alison Kelly, the WIBR PA/Administator.

Annual Leave

All annual leave in the WIBR should be recorded on the HR system MyView. All staff have access to this system to record annual leave*. If you do not have access to MyView please contact Alison Kelly. As well as MyView you may also have a system locally in your lab for recording annual leave (wall planner, shared calendar etc) please ask your lab manager how annual leave should be recorded in your group.

*The only exception are those staff on As and When contracts, who are working for the department for a short period of time and submit timesheets monthly for payment. As and When contracted staff should request annual leave from their supervisor or it can be paid to them at the end of their contract.


The Division of Medicine appraise staff every year in February.  Staff and their line managers will be sent a reminder 3 months before an appraisal is due and will be asked to arrange an Appraisal Review Meeting. It is essential that all staff are given a formal opportunity to discuss their performance and receive feedback as well as agreeing objectives, training requirements and/or support needed; and for this to be recorded.

Please give completed paperwork to Alison Kelly after the appraisal.

  • On-line appraisal system for Professorial staff PAR

Full details of UCL’s Appraisal, Review & Development Scheme

Division of Medicine Staff Handbook

Division of Medicine Intranet HR pages

End of Fixed-term Contracts

When you have a lab member who has a fixed term contract that is nearing it's end date it is important you meet with them to discuss redeployment (either in your lab or elsewhere) or termination of their contract.  This meeting should takeplace at least 3 months before their contract is due to end.

Line Managers meet regularly with lab members and they do discuss contracts regularly but we need  written evidence of a meeting 3 months before the contract end to provide to HR.  Below is a template email that you could adapt when you know that a contract will be ending. Staff may be entitled to some redundancy pay if their contract is not renewed. In cases where staff resign to take another post, a letter of resignation is essential and should be emailed to Alison Kelly and Anita Gorasia as soon as possible so that a leaver form can be organised and payroll informed.

Further guidance can be found in the link below (note point 8 on Termination)


Induction and Probation 

WIBR Staff Inductions take place at the Cruciform Building with Alison Kelly 
A report of staff probations due will be emailed to line managers who must insure that they complete probation forms and send to Alison Kelly
Information about induction and probation can be found in the link below.


Employees should formally notify HR if they resign from UCL. A resignation letter should be sent to the line manager and Alison Kelly stating the last working day at UCL and if there is any annual leave remaining.  HR will organise to send the P45 to your address stated in MyView, so please make sure your contact details are up-to-date.
Please ensure that you complete a Leaver form for IT (below) and email it to wibr-itsupport@ucl.ac.uk 
Access will be removed after your leave date. If you plan to return to the WIBR as a visitor please discuss with your line manager and complete a visitor form for building access (below)

Leaver form for IT

Visitor form for access


MyView is used to store staff payslips (except for Casual Staff who have their payslips sent out in the post). When you begin working for UCL you will be able to log into MyView and view this information.


If you are planning to recruit staff to your project, please complete a job advert placement request form and a Job Description and Person Specification and send this to alison.kelly@ucl.ac.uk


Casual Staff
Occasionally it is necessary to recruit casual staff for a short period of time on irregular hours (not exceeding 36.5 per week). This can be organised with an As and When contract (Interns). Right to Work checks must be carried out. Hours are processed monthly with a timesheet and payment is made one month in arrears. National Insurance and Tax are deducted from the hours worked. For more information about this process contact Alison Kelly.

More information about the recruitment process at UCL

More information about Internships, Work Experience and Volunteering Policy


The UCL Sickness / absence policy can be viewed here


Staff Benefits

  • Health and Wellbeing
    discounts on sports clubs, eye care, access to an Employee Assistance Programme (Advice is provided on a wide range of topics including emotional, health, family, consumer information, relationships, legal and financial. Counselling can also be arranged through the EAP)
  • Children and Family
  • Financial benefits
    to include Cosco, wider wallet, season ticket loans, cycle scheme, software discounts and NUS Extra card for staff

Staff Development

    Staff are expected to take a minimum of 3 learning events per year.

    The Study Assuatnce Scheme may be able to provide some funding toward an accredited course