• ABACUS Foreign Currency Purchasing & Payment

    Learn more about the changes in FIS to support purchasing & payment in any currency which will go live later this year.
    There are no future events for this course listed.

    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • Accelerated Management Development Programme

    The Accelerated Management Development Programme offers training support for existing managers within UCL with the overall aim of helping them to better understand the managers role and be able to apply key skills.
    The Programme is designed to focus on the key management skills needed . It will enhance managers performance management capabilities within a matrix environment and increase their capabilities to use analytical diagnostic, solution and reflection tools to improve workplace performance. Our approach will be a logical step by step build up with each day split into separate sections. Therefore it is vital that delegates attend all four sessions:
    Day 1: Module 1: You and the organisation in context
    Day 2: Module 2: Operating with your team
    Day 3: Module 3: Improving Self
    Day 4: Module 4: Leadership Communication

    Please note that you will need your line managers approval to attend and a £500 contribution from your department.
    Eligibility: This programme is for UCL staff grades 7 and above
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • Accident & Incident Investigation (A&II) Workshop

    To understand and apply the principles of incident investigation. Following completion of the online component of this training, participants will attend a workshop event where they will be able to apply the knowledge and conduct interviews, gather information and then analyse the information to determine basic and underlying causes of an acciden
    Eligibility: FOR: Anyone carrying out incident investigations but initially targeting DSOs
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • Activating Audiences

    Activating an audience, whether it is large or small, is vital to increase the effectiveness of educational meetings. Activating audiences, however, is easier said than done. In this workshop, spread over three half days , you will learn to deal with four aspects of activation.
    Eligibility: This course is only available to UCL Established Staff
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • An Introduction to Examining Research Doctorates

    This half-day session is run by the Doctoral School and provides an introduction to UCL's procedures and guidelines for examining research doctorates, as well as preparation for examining at other institutions. The session will provide an overview of the main issues involved in examining research degrees successfully, together with an opportunity to consider case studies and discuss best practice. The session will be particularly relevant to academics who have not examined previously.
    Event dates:
    18-Nov-15 to 18-Nov-15
    1400 to 1700
    08-Feb-16 to 08-Feb-16
    1400 to 1700
    17-May-16 to 17-May-16
    1400 to 1700
  • An Introduction to Research Student Supervision at UCL

    This session is mandatory for all members of academic staff wishing to be appointed as Supervisors at UCL as well as new members of academic staff with experience of research supervision at other institutions. It is run by the Doctoral School and provides an introduction to: UCL's Regulations and Code of Practice; Doctoral School Support; UCL Procedures; Skills Development Requirements and Programme; Research Student Log; Factors for Successful Supervision; Training. Further Research Supervision Training. Please note that this is a prerequisite to enrolment on all other courses about research supervision including the session Effective Research Supervision at UCL (1 day). This course is run three times a year - one each term.
    Eligibility: This workshop is available to academic staff at UCL, Honorary Staff, Associate Staff and Intercollegiate staff from University of London and partnership organisations acting as Supervisors at UCL. If you are not employed by UCL and wish to register you must book your training as an External Candidate.
    Event dates:
    29-Sep-15 to 29-Sep-15
    1000 to 1200
    14-Jan-16 to 14-Jan-16
    1400 to 1600
    18-May-16 to 18-May-16
    1000 to 1200
  • Annual Skills Update (First Aid)

    For all qualified first aiders who must refresh and update their first aid skills and techniques in resuscitation, and maintain competency in dealing safely and effectively with injuries and illnesses which happen at the workplace. TO BOOK: CLICK ON MORE INFO (RIGHT) AND CLICK ON THE BOOKING FORM. YOU CANNOT BOOK A PLACE USING THIS SITE.
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • Appraisers Workshop

    This workshops meets the UCL requirement for all Appraisers to be trained before conducting appraisals and will give you the necessary skills to appraise effectively. This course is suitable for those appraising both Admin/Management staff & Academic & Research staff (All Staff)
    Eligibility: Any manager who has line management responsibilities
    There are no future events for this course listed.
  • Asbestos Awareness E-Learning

    There are no future events for this course listed.
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