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MyView Log In Confirmation

On Saturday 7 April from 8am – 5pm ISD will be migrating UCL web servers to new servers. As a result of this work there will be an outage to this page the whole day.

Please note, the MyView service cannot be accessed from any computer which is not part of UCL's internal network. You will not be able to access MyView Self Service outside of the UCL network without using either WTS or a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Access to and use of this system is restricted to authorised individuals. By logging in you are confirming that you are authorised to use this system and you will abide by the UCL Information Security Policy. Short user guides to the policy are available from the Information Systems Helpdesk and full details at: UCL Information Security Policy.

If you have arrived here by mistake please close your browser window immediately.

Before entering MyView please remember that this contains personal information so it is important to ensure you are doing so in a secure environment.

We believe that the data held within MyView is as accurate as possible. Once you have logged in please check that your personal information, as viewed, is correct and up to date. Feel free to make updates and if you have any questions or believe that any information is inaccurate please do not hesitate to speak to either your Departmental Administrator or your UCL HR Contact.  



  UCL staff will not ask you for your password.

You should never disclose your password to anyone.