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Children and Family

Enhanced Maternity Pay

UCL offers a generous Maternity Leave package regardless of length of service. Staff can apply for a maximum of 52 weeks maternity leave, of which 39 are paid, inclusive of 18 weeks at full pay. 

In addition, UCL provides for one term of sabbatical leave without teaching commitments for research active academics returning from maternity leave. 

Enhanced Adoption Pay

An adoptive parent who is the main carer is entitled to the same provision in terms of service requirements, pay, leave, return to work etc that they would have received under UCL's Maternity Policy. 

Enhanced Paternity Pay

UCL offers staff paid leave of up to 20 working days pro rata (four working weeks). This can be taken any time from three months before the expected week of childbirth to three months after the actual date of birth (or the date of adoption in the case of adoptive parents). Paternity/partner's leave does not have to be taken at one time and can be spread over the six month period. 

Enhanced leave for carers

Staff may be granted up to five days Carer's Leave with full pay within any 12 month period. They may be granted up to a further five days unpaid leave per year. This will not affect annual or sick leave provisions and staff are not required to exhaust their annual leave before special leave is granted. The policy applies to all staff that have caring responsibilities for dependants such as employees own child(ren), next of kin, partners, parents/partners of parents. Please see the policy for further details on when caring leave may apply. 

Workplace Nursery

UCL provides a well-equipped and professional workplace nursery situated within Bloomsbury a few minutes walk from the main campus. This is available to all staff and students at UCL, although places are limited. More information about the UCL Day Nursery and its fees can be obtained by emailing nursery@ucl.ac.uk. UCL also operates a Salary Exchange Scheme for staff who have their children in the nursery, which enables staff to exchange a proportion of their salary tax free in order to pay for fees.

Advice on caring duties

UCL staff can receive advice on Childcare, Eldercare or Disability care through the Employee Assistance Programme

Parent and Professional Career Management Portal

UCL have partnered with Parent & Professional (P&P) to pilot Parent and Professional Career Management Portal. Aimed at new and expecting parents and carers, staff going on or returning from parental leave, as well as their managers, it offers a wealth of resources to support you through the different stages of family transitions. The online resource is self-paced, so you can explore it within your own time.

To sign up, please contact the P&P team at info@pandpcoaching.co.uk.