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UCL Division of Medicine Postgraduate programmes 20/21

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Clara Gathmann wins Small Molecules TIN PDS

Clara Gathmann (Drug Discovery Lab) wins the Small Molecules TIN PDS with her pitch 'Novel GEF-H1 inhibitors against ocular diseases'

Using light to reprogramme the brain’s GPS

Neuroscientists in the Circuit Neuroscience group have used laser beams to “switch on” neurons in mice, providing new insight into the hidden workings of memory and showing how memories underpin the brain’s inner GPS system.

WIBR Seminars 2020-21

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Brain Zoom Seminars

We have been running a virtual seminar series since the first Covid-19 lockdown.  Brain ZOOM 2020 seminars were developed from joint neuroscience meetings of researchers from WIBR and the 7th Hospital of SYSU in Shenzhen China, with support from the “Sanming project”. We will continue to organize Brain ZOOM 2021 seminars and a full list of recent speakers can be found at https://brainonline.mystrikingly.com/

Scientists are unraveling the mysteries of pain